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2012 Scottish Thistle Awards

2012 Scottish Thistle Awards Regional winner

After winning the category in 2009, the Scottish 6 Days Orienteering Event Company was delighted that the Oban 2011 event recently attracted recognition as the 2012 Scottish Thistle Awards - Best Sporting Event finalist from the SW region.
We congratulate the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon for winning the overall finals. It is heartening that an event that also attracts thousands of people to run in the Highlands has received the accolade this time.  We look forward to adding to the numbers enjoying what the Highlands has to offer at our next event in Moray 2013.

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15th Nov  

Thank you

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company, there are many to thank for the Oban 2011 event:

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11th Aug  

Certificates / Diplomas

Example certificate/diploma

These are awarded to the first three competitors in each class on each of the days. They were available for collection from the Information Point each day, but you can also download a copy here.

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09th Aug  

Oban Mountain Rescue Team

Oban Mountain Rescue

Oban 2011 have chosen this local charity as the recipient for any donations received.
The amount donated so far is £337.17

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08th Aug  

Rest Day Events

Holidays on the beach

The events planned were a Mountain Bike Race at Sutherland’s Grove and a Sprint Race at Tralee Bay.
Sprint full results and splits
WinSplits, Splitsbrowser, RouteGadget
Photo Gallery
MTBO results below

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08th Aug  

Chris Spencer, Official 6 Days photographer

Chris Spencer, official photographer

Chris approached the 6 Day company several months ago offering to be the official photographer of the event. We are very appreciative of his time and the effort required to produce the number, quality and variety of shots he has captured. He had them uploaded within hours of leaving the assembly field every day. You can visit his Photo Gallery here or click on the links on each of the day results pages.

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07th Aug  

6 Days Badge Standards

The points required for the Scottish 6 Days Badge Standards.
Not to be confused with the BOF badge scheme which are on the results pages.

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04th Aug  

Start Information

Explanation of start procedures, colours, etc.

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29th Jul  

New 6-Day T bars

The new T-Bar design

Some time ago the 6-Day company began to look for replacements for some of its trusted T-bars which were showing signs of age.

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28th Jul  

Dog Owners

Poster about Neospora

Information for dog owners about dogs at the events.
Landowners and farmers are concerned about the spread of disease (Neospora, which can cause cattle to abort) from dog faeces. We therefore ask that competitors bringing dogs help us and observe the following:

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28th Jul  


Adult polo shirt

All merchandise will carry the original Oban 2011 logo and colours, contrast permitting.
A range of clothing will be available in unisex, female and youth (ages 4-14 approximately)

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25th Jul  

Race Bib and Programme collection

Map of Dalmally collection point area

All entrants will collect their race bib and programme this year. Nothing is being posted out (except training maps if requested at time of order).
Colour coded pre-entries can also collect the vouchers they will need to show at the start.

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25th Jul  

Event Centre and Socials

The event centre is located at the Victory Hall in Benderloch, opposite the school and within walking distance of the event campsite and Tralee Bay Caravan park.

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25th Jul  


The ability to do an online entry ceased on 17th July. Postal entries received after 17th July will not be processed until Saturday 30th July.
Entry-on-the-day will be available for all colour coded courses and some age classes depending on map availability.

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25th Jul  

Training / Coaching

Sutherland's Grove

Training areas will be available during Monday 25th July to Saturday 6th August inclusive.
There will be coaches available at the locations from Monday 25th to Friday 29th July inclusive to help/guide you in you preparations for a successful Scottish 6 Days.

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25th Jul  

The Programme

Cover of the programme

You can download a copy of the programme as a PDF now.
A printed and folded copy will be given to every competitor when they collect their bibs.
It is not intended that you print out this programme.

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24th Jul  


This is a list of all traders at the event.

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23rd Jul  

Event Campsite

Campsite layout

This will offer basic facilities and is suitable for tent campers only. Cost will depend on the size of your tent.
There is a Fish and Chip shop nearby.

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19th Jul  

Prizes, Awards and Badges

There will be awards at the prizegiving on the last day for the first 3 competitors in all age classes. Gold/Silver/Bronze badges will be available at £3 each to all those who qualify. Commemorative slate coasters will be issued to all finishers on Day 6.

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18th Jul  

Campervan / Motorhome owners

Due to limited space and likely ground conditions there will be restrictions on where we will be able to handle larger/heavier vehicles like campervans and motorhomes etc.
If you are bringing a motorhome and have not received an email asking you to complete a questionnaire please contact asap.

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15th Jul  

Frequent questions

This page provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Oban 2011.

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15th Jul  

Coloured Tapes used

There are several colours of tape used during the event to draw your attention. The following list should help avoid confusion.

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15th Jul  

Central Organising Team

These are the key roles, but there are many other volunteers assisting them.
See the Thank You page for more.

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14th Jul  

Electronic Punching

SPORTident card

The event uses the SPORTident (SI) punching system. You ‘punch’ by inserting your SI‐card into the hole in the top of the unit at each control site. The unit confirms that your punch has registered by bleeping and flashing a red light. This happens almost instantaneously. If in doubt, punch again. Do not worry if the unit bleeps more than once.

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13th Jul  

Health and Medical Services

Emergencies, Emergency Medical Information, Medical Practices, Ticks, E-Coli 0157, Water and Hydration

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13th Jul  


Location map

Information about the locations of all the important places and a Google map.
As you will see, all the events are contained within a very small area and so travelling times/distances will be very short.

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08th Jul  

Driving guidelines during the event

A few things to keep in mind whilst driving around the area during the week of the event to avoid causing inconvenience to others.

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29th Jun  

Economic Impact Study

Consultants have been commissioned to carry out an Economic Impact Study after Oban 2011.

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09th Jun  

The Sea Kingdom

Dunstaffnage Castle seen from the east, with the gatehouse in the centre

Oban 2011 is centred around the ancient district of Lorne one of the four ‘sea kingdoms’ that made up the region of Dál Riata – the Gaelic name of the region now largely comprising Argyll and Bute.

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20th Feb  


Supported by:
LeaderEuropean Agricultural Fund for Rural DevelopmentScottish Governmenteventscotland-logo

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26th Feb  


Book cover

History of the 6 Days

A Few Surplus Maps, compiled by John Colls on behalf of the SOA and the 6-Day Company, tells the story of the event from its beginnings in 1976 to the present day. With 216 full-colour, A4 pages the book is a coffee-table adornment as well as an entertaining read and work of reference, more…




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