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Day 1: Dunollie and Dunstaffnage

Edited on 01st Aug 2011

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Sunday, 31st July


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Report from the field

Day 1 of the Scottish 6 Day was a great opener, with competitors on the majority of courses starting on the beach before running up into the bog myrtle and more complex areas of green and white.  Courses ran right up to the northern edge of Oban, hidden from view by some magnificent beech trees. FVO and TAY had the honour of organising the first day, putting into practice what the 6 Day Company has been planning for the past few years.  Organiser Louise Longhirst (FVO) did a great job, supported by the Central Organising Team. 1,250 cars were parked, Red Cross treated 25 minor casualties and back at the campsite nearly 200 tents were moved into three fields.

Oli Johnson won the M21E by a comfortable 37 seconds, and Anna Forsberg of OK Kolmarden, one of a huge Swedish contingent, took first place on the W21E by just 9 seconds.  In the UK Masters Cup the only class leaders to win at Oban were Charlie Adams (M45) and Alice Bedwell (W50).  Eileen Bedwell made it a family double by winning W80.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Pre-event information

Pronounced: dun-olly and dun-staff-naj
Gaelic/Norse: Dùn Ollaigh agus Dùn Stafr-nis
Pronounced: doon olee agis doon staffir neesh

Organising clubs



Dave Coustick, Trevor Hoey


Louise Longhurst, Elaine Gillies


John Colls, Ben Stansfield

Getting there

Access via the minor road from Oban to Ganavan. This has many sharp bends - please drive with care. Traffic around 1030 may be busy due to the Oban Cathedral service.


Car Park: Grid Ref. NM 857322 Postcode PA34 5TU, Lat/Long 56.43N 5.47W
There are two fields. The first, on the left side of the road, is suitable for families. Turn on your left indicator to be directed to this field. The route from here to Assembly is 500m along a pavement.
The second field, adjacent to Assembly, is accessed over rough ground unsuitable for pushchairs. The gate to this field must only be used by cars and NOT pedestrians. Competitors must arrive by 1230 hrs. No exit before 1230 hrs.
Bus and minibus parking is at Ganavan public car park, adjacent to the Green/Blue/Red start.


On a hill overlooking the finish, with space for tents along one edge of the run-in.


All starts have a marshalled road crossing on leaving Assembly - please follow instructions.
Green/Blue/Red start is 0.9km from Assembly along a flat road. White/Yellow start is 1.2km + 40m climb along a road/track. Once on the farm track you are in the competition area; give way to competitors and do not stop or leave the track.


Revised 2010-11 by Deeside. A black X indicates mast/post. Lines of purple dots indicate taped cuts through bracken to aid route choice.


A mix of open hillside and woodland. Some longer courses pass near high cliffs on the W edge of the map. Some cliffs near the finish will be taped. Open land is mostly runnable. Significant gorse is mapped as dark green; lighter green areas are trees. Areas of bracken (green stripes) are significant, but courses avoid the worst of this.
Uncrossable fences are marked with purple lines. Compulsory crossing points are on the map and control descriptions. A major farm track crossed at gates by most courses has uncrossable fences on both sides - the fence on one side only is overprinted purple for clarity.

String Course

This is on a sandy beach next to the Family parking field (bring your bucket and spade!). Youngsters should be accompanied due to the proximity to the sea. The course is not suitable for pushchairs.


Dogs are not allowed in the assembly area. If you have arrived by car your dog can be left on a short leash next to your car in the event car park.
Reasons why this is necessary.

Safety Information

A fenced off wooded area to the north of Assembly is strictly out of bounds due to very dangerous cliffs. This area is taped off with yellow and black tape. Smaller crags between Assembly and the adjacent parking field are not taped, but children should not play near them.
A minor road on the way to all Starts and between one of the parking fields and Assembly must only be crossed where and when marshals allow.

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