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Day 2: Ardnaskie

Edited on 01st Aug 2011

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Monday, 1st August


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Report from the field

Overnight rain and mist meant that Day 2 was going to be a very wet experience. Controller Dave Kershaw went through 4 sets of orienteering gear in the course of the day in a vain attempt to keep dry. The day itself was overcast but dry, and despite the conditions surprisingly free of midges. The terrain was more complex than Day 1, with some quite long times achieved by a number of competitors. By 1630 hrs, course closing time, three competitors were still unaccounted for and a “missing competitor” plan was swinging into action. Fortunately all three turned up safe and well. At least one competitor was sucked into a bog, and Nigel Bush described how 5 runners had to pull him out as he couldn’t move. Fortunately his O-shoes remained on his feet.

Oli Johnson again won M21E, but Alasdair McLeod (EUOC) and Patrik Martner (IFK Goteborg) were joint second place just one second down!  Asa Lindqvist won W21E, just ahead of Jenny Johansson who is a very strong contender for this year’s event.  Peter Bray (SN) and Rosie Watson (WCOC) were leaders in the Future Champions Cup M/W18, and Thomas Fellbaum (MDOC) and Julia Blomquist (BAOC) took the honours in M/W20.

GPS units, supported with funding by EventScotland, were deployed on a number of volunteers from FVO, EckO and ELO. Playback of their routes may now be possible on Day 3’s big screen, and the SOA Professional Officer really hopes that they don’t show his attempts to locate control 10.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Pre-event information

Pronounced: ard-na-skee
Gaelic/Norse: Àird an Fhasgaidh
Pronounced: aardj un askee

Organising Clubs



Ian Searle (GRAMP), Ewen Rennie (GRAMP)


Richard Oxlade (GRAMP), Adrian Will (GRAMP)


Dave Kershaw (ESOC), Neil McLean (GRAMP)

Getting there

In fields to north of the A85, 3 miles (5 km) east of Connel Bridge. Traffic from the east should follow the A85 3 miles (5 km) west from Taynuilt. Please drive along this busy road with care as traffic may back up from the car park entrance.


Car Park: Grid Ref. NM 950336 Postcode PA37 1PR, Lat/Long 56.44N 5.32W

There is only one entrance/exit into the car parking fields. All competitors must arrive before 1230 hrs. There will be NO EXIT BEFORE 1230 HRS.
Cars will be parked in 2-3 fields. Routes to Assembly may pass through car parks where cars are still being parked. Please obey any instructions from car parking marshals and keep young children under control.
After parking, follow signs to assembly which is adjacent to one of the car parking fields.


Assembly is located in one field adjoining the car parking (max. 400m). Gaps will be created in the fences for access. Area for club tents is tight, so please pitch them close together. See map to the right.
The fields are part of a working farm and it is possible that some farm debris (e.g. loose wire) may be encountered. Please ensure children don’t play with this. Fence crossings will be placed at suitable access pints around the Assembly Field and on the course. Please do not climb the fences in the assembly area as shortcuts either to traders, toilets or to starts.  The estate manager has been very accommodating but has asked specially that these new fences in and surrounding the assembly area are not climbed.
The minor road on the south-east side of the assembly field is out-of-bounds.


The route to all starts is in the north east corner of the assembly field. The route follows paths for 0.6 km before crossing a minor road. This should have virtually no traffic during the event and will not be marshalled. The route then passes through a tunnel under the railway. After 150m the route to the White start splits off up a rough path. The white start is located a further 250m with 50m of climb. All other starts follow a rough path for a further 500m with 75m climb.


Original survey 1988 by Stirling Surveys, with vegetation revised in March 2009.  Revised 2010 by Deeside Maps.


Classic Scottish terrain with an area of mature oak and younger birch thickets scattered across a cattle grazed marshy hillside on the southern shore of Loch Etive. The area has few man made features. Intricate contour detail combines with fast runnable terrain under the oak canopy and slow tussocky marsh and bog myrtle in open areas will challenge all.
There is one fence line across the area that may only be crossed at the marked compulsory crossings.

Safety Information

The A85 main road and the railway line which bound the area are both strictly out-of-bounds.  Please make sure any juniors running are suitably briefed.
All of today‟s courses cross a bridge over the Glasgow-Oban railway. This is very slippery when wet so has been temporarily covered in chicken wire provide grip. Please take care running across this wire – you may catch metal studs.

Elite Courses

The M21 and W21 elite classes will have middle distance races planned for Day 2. As Days 2 and 3 will be counting towards the Future Champions Cup, the M/W 18/20L classes will also be middle distance races on Day 2. For Day 2 only, M18L and M20L will run on course 44 and W18L and W20L on (new) course 39. W35L will remain on course 37 and M35L on course 48.

String Course

The string course area is located in the woodland garden which has some steep slopes along the northern edge. The string course and off-string has been planned to avoid these slopes and any dangerous areas will be taped off but please ensure children are briefed about these.
Access will be via a break in the fence in the north west corner of the field.


Dogs are not allowed in the assembly area. If you have arrived by car your dog can be left on a short leash next to your car in the event car park. If you have arrived by bus there is a small designated “dog area” for your use near to the bus layby where dogs should be kept on a short leash. Thank you for your understanding.
Reasons why this is necessary.

Special Information

Achancloich gardens are open to the public and orienteers are encouraged to visit. They were started in the 1840s at the time that the current house was built and have fine views over Loch Etive. The south western part of the woodland gardens will be used for the string course and the walk to the start passes through the grounds of the house.
Access to the gardens is via the route to the start and the drive. There is a collecting box for visitors - £3.50 for adults, £3.00 for OAPS, children free. The gardens are open until 6.00pm. 
Achancloich is also home to a fine herd of pedigree Highland Cattle. The magnificent breeding bull usually occupies the Assembly Field (usually known as the “bull field”), though you will be pleased to know that he has been moved for the event. The rest of the herd usually occupy the event area, but have also been moved for the day.


Generous additional help is being provided today by members of SLOW and HAVOC. You will see them in the car parks, assembly, and at the starts and both Gramp and KFO would like to thank them for their support.

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Waiting area for day 2 start (photo:Chris Spencer) Map of Ardnaskie Assembly layout Ardnaskie terrain (photo:Paul Frost) Ardnaskie terrain (photo:Paul Frost) Ardnaskie terrain (photo:Paul Frost) Ardnaskie terrain (photo:Paul Frost) Section of the Ardnaskie map Ardnaskie terrain View of Ardnaskie from Ardchattan




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