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Day 4: Torinturk

Edited on 04th Aug 2011

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Thursday, 4th August


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Report from the field

Day 4 was contested over an area new to orienteering – Torinturk in Glen Lonan. Technically the area was easier than the preceding days, but there were some very long and tough courses that favoured the lighter runner and fleet-of-foot. Challenges facing the organising team included access by single track road of over 1,000 cars and a small fleet of buses bringing campers and campervan competitors. The first bus to arrive informed us that he was unable to proceed around the “one way system” as there was a 3 ton weight limit sign on the bridge after the drop off point. Farmer John Cameron saved the day when he announced that the restriction had been lifted 5 years ago and that lorries including the Council refuse truck regularly used the route.

Another logistical problem was what to do if the River Lonan went into spate in heavy rain – 3,500 competitors would have been on one side of the river but the last control and run-in was on the other side. Thanks to funding from the Argyll & Bute LEADER programme we had already put in place a magnificent permanent footbridge spanning 16 metres and supported high above the burn on a new pier. Trakmats were laid along the bridge to protect it from thousands of “dobs” (spikes) and the same mats proved useful extracting cars out of the slippery fields on what has been the first really damp day. Read more about the bridge…

Oli Johnson has proved the clear winner of M21E over the past 4 days, and Jenny Johannsen seems set to win W21E. Oli is now heading off for his World Championships preparations.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Pre-event info

Pronounced: tor-in-turc
Gaelic/Norse: Tòrr an Tuirc
Pronounced: tor un toorkhk

Organising clubs

INTERLØPERS; MORAVIAN; with generous assistance from members RAFO, NOR and JOK


Paul Caban (INT), Graham McIntyre (INT)


Colin Eades (INT), Kim Eden (MOR)


Ian Turner (SOLWAY), Ken Daly (INT)

Getting there

The road through Glen Lonan is very narrow so we require all traffic to approach the event from the Oban direction.


Car Park: Grid Ref. NM 923286 Postcode PA34 4QE, Lat/Long 56.40N 5.36W

In a number of small fields accessed from the Glen Lonan road. Parking officials will indicate which field to park in.


Assembly is in a level field within 500m of most of the parking fields.


Courses 1, 2, 5 and 6 (White starts) will be at a start approximately 300m west of the assembly field. 
Courses 3, 4, 7 and 8 (White starts) will be at a start approximately 1100m west of the assembly field. 
For both these starts, exit from Assembly will be via an opening in the southeast corner of the field. This opening is also used by competitors approaching the last control.
All other courses share a single start 1.8km to the east of Assembly. The route to this start will follow the Glen Lonan road for the majority of its length - be aware of traffic and use verges where possible.

This is an update to clarify the information printed in the programme.


Stirling Surveys; surveyed July-August 2010. Scale 1:10,000, Contour Interval 5m


The map lies on the south side of Glen Lonan and to the east of Loch Nell, into which the River Nell flows. The area is characterised by undulating moorland rising to approximately 300 metres in places and areas of woodland comprising mainly naturally grown conifers and indigenous hardwoods. The terrain is steep in places with some spectacular crags and deeply eroded stream gullies. The underlying geology stems from its 400 million year old volcanic history. Lava flows have long since been partly eroded by glaciers which have had a significant impact on the land formations with basalt outcrops and debris evident at many locations.
The visibility in the wooded areas is generally good and the contrasts between patches of woodland and open moorland provide interesting navigational challenges. The moorland is lightly grazed cattle and sheep terrain shared by native deer, tussocky in some areas with some seasonal bracken and other low growing vegetation. There is an abundance of irregular marshes and small streams but few man-made line features.  Rock features are plentiful throughout the area and only the most prominent have been mapped.

Safety Information

Dangerous crags have been identified on the map, and courses are planned to avoid these. Streams crossing the area have steep banks in places and care should be taken when crossing.  Streams may become significant obstacles in bad weather.

Elite Courses

M/W21E have a spectator control close to Assembly. The area is also used by short course competitors and elite runners are asked to use their experience to take appropriate avoiding action where necessary.

Junior Courses

There are very few paths on today’s area, and it has proved challenging to provide appropriately graded junior courses. The TD 1 & 2 (white & yellow standard) courses predominantly follow line features such as fences, walls etc. There are, however, also legs that follow telegraph/electricity pylon lines. Juniors in your charge should be reminded to look up as well as down for their handrails. TD3 (orange standard) courses may also follow line features such as pylon lines, streams and well-bounded valleys.

String Course

You are invited to join The Three Little Pigs down in the field today.


Dogs are not allowed in the assembly area. If you have arrived by car your dog can be left on a short leash next to your car in the event car park.
If you have arrived by bus there is a small designated “dog area” that you will be directed to by the bus marshall. Thank you for your understanding.
Reasons why this is necessary.

New Bridge

A new bridge had to be built to allow access between the hillside and assembly, read more about the bridge here.

The 6Days was pleased to receive “Leader” funding to replace the delapidated bridge over the River Lonan: previously, access to the hill-side was through a ford. The bridge is wide enough for segregated two-way foot-traffic. Competitors walking to the two white starts and to the string course will able to keep dry feet. Most junior courses will also cross back from the competition area to the last control using the new bridge. For all other courses either the ford or the bridge can be used. Please note that if the water-level is high in the River Lonan, then the ford may taped Out Of Bounds and signs will direct all competitors to use the footbridge. If this is necessary it will be publicised at the starts.

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map location

Assembly from the competition area Section of the new Torinturk map Torinturk from the west Approaching Torinturk from the east Torinturk from the east View of Torinturk across the assembly area The new bridge




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