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Day 5: Lochnell and Shenavallie

Edited on 07th Aug 2011

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Friday, 5th August


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Report from the field

Day 5 moved back to the seaside on the peninsula at Loch Nell and Shenavallie. After negotiating knee to waist deep bogs in places competitors were rewarded with a run along the beach and some magnificent views across to the Island of Mull. Rocky forested outcrops were accessed over what appeared to be a very “blue” map and these provided more technical and interesting orienteering challenges.

The major talking point of the day had been the logistics of travel. At the eleventh hour a cunning plan was hatched including bussing of competitors to relieve pressure on the car parking fields.  A novel return route was offered – either back on the bus or cross the estuary using the ancient ford across the mudflats. Our resident oceanographer assured us the tide would be out and everybody crossed safely. Many thanks go to CLYDE who managed a complex transport plan. Another area of concern was the single lane bridge to North Connel and the phasing of lights. Fortunately traffic didn’t seem to build up too badly, and those crossing the bridge were treated to the spectacular sight of the Falls of Lora.

Entertainment was provided in the assembly area when competitors arrived to find the Portaloo lorry bogged in up to the axles – with volunteer help by Roger Jackson (WCOC) driving a tractor and farmer Duncan Buchanan the unfortunate vehicle was eventually freed from its’ predicament much to the relief of the expanding loo queue.

Alasdair McLeod of EUOC won M21E, and with Oli not competing over the final two days he seems certain to win overall.  Cecilia Bratt (W45 from Sweden) showed age was no barrier to win W21E comfortably. The eventual winner will however be either Anna Forsberg or Jenny Johansson (both from Sweden). There has been a very large and appreciative crowd of orienteers from Sweden, and we hope they will return if we are successful with our WOC2015 bid.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Control 184

On the right is a photo of control number 184 in its original location at High Tide. It was on all TD3 courses and we had to move it 15m onto dry land for the event. The feature is a track junction - in case you were wondering.

Pre-event info

Pronounced: loch-nell and shen-ah-valuh
Gaelic/Norse: Loch nan Eala agus an Seann Bhaile
Pronounced: Loch nan yala agis un shown valuh

Organising clubs



Andrew Armstrong ( RR)  Hilary Quick ( BASOC)


Rhona Fraser (INVOC)  Marion MacCormick ( BASOC)


Donald Grassie (GRAMP)  Iain Shepherd (INVOC)


Car Park: Main Grid Ref. NM 888396 Overspill Grid Ref. NM 902389, Postcode PA37 1QU, Lat/Long 56.501N 5.432W

Please note: The parking arrangements have changed since the printed programme, no one should now need to walk more than about 700m to get to the assembly area.

Car parking is on level fields 700m from the assembly area, overspill is at the Event Centre/Camping. Runners staying in the Tralee area, or in cars in the overspill car park will be bussed to 600m from the assembly area.

The car park is at the end of a 2km long narrow single track road. There are no other routes in or out of the area so a one way system has been adopted. See the map to the right, or download it as a PDF, Day 5 transport plan

By Car to the car park
If arriving by car follow signs to the carpark. There will be no exit until after 12.30pm.

Please note: There will be a shuttle bus service operating which will necessitate holding cars back before the narrow one-way road each time the busses make the return journey. You must obey traffic marshalls to ensure the busses have a clear return journey otherwise you will delay everybody’s arrival at the event.

You are advised to travel earlier than the distance dictates in order to allow for potential delays created by the shuttle bus service.

Please help others by filling any empty seats in your car with competitors waiting for a shuttle bus at the marshall point. This will speed up the shuttle bus service and ensure everybody gets to their start on time.

We hope to park everyone driving to the event at the event carpark. However, there is an overflow carpark at Tralee near the event campsite that will be used if and when the carpark is full. Marshalls will direct you there if this happens. People parking in the overflow carpark will be asked to catch the shuttle bus along with others from Tralee.

By Bus to the event
Everyone staying in the Tralee area, parked in the overflow carpark, or being bussed from other locations to the event, should make their way to the shuttle bus marshalling point.

Competitors staying in Tralee area with cars are asked to leave their cars at their accommodation and take the shuttle bus. This is to help reduce the numbers of cars requiring to be parked at the event carpark. If you are affected by the Friday change over at Tralee Holiday Park you may take your car to the event carpark.

Obey the traffic marshall’s instructions with regard to taking shuttle busses. A marshall may ask you to occupy a spare seat in a car to ease the pressure on shuttle busses.

When the bus arrives at the drop off point please alight the bus as quickly as possible to minimise the delay in traffic flow.

Whilst cycling can’t be banned, please be aware that the road is very narrow and that slow cyclists would hold up the flow of traffic, and there are not many places to pull over to let cars past. So in the interest of traffic flow and safety we request that cycles are not used to get to the assembly field. Click the photo to see more and larger.

Exit from Event

Traffic will be marshalled using the same system adopted in the morning but in reverse.

By Car
Exit after 12.30pm. Be prepared to be asked to wait in the carparking field to allow shuttle busses to make their return journeys.
If you have spare seats in your car be prepared to give a lift to people waiting for a shuttle bus.

On foot across the Lochnell Estuary
There is a short cut across the Lochnell Estuary direct to Tralee/Event Campsite at low tide. We estimate this will become passable sometime after 2.30pm although will entail getting your feet wet (no more than 6 inches of water) over a small part of the way.  A marshall will inspect the route from 2pm onwards and mark it using taped canes if and when it is passable. Please do not attempt to cross until the canes are in place.
Please note: Do not attempt to walk to the event via this route in the morning as it will be under the sea!

By Shuttle Bus
If you wish to exit the event before the estuary becomes crossable or do not wish to get your feet wet (again!) you can catch a shuttle bus from the point you were dropped off by the bus. Alternatively you can try your luck cadging a lift in the carpark from a car with an empty seat.


The assembly area is accessed along a 600m inclined track from the bus drop off point, or a 700m from parking.

If required we will arrange transport of club tents from assembly Day 4 to the assembly field of Day 5 and then from Day 5 to Day 6.


South Start for White, Green and Red Courses: a walk of 2km – first 1.5km is a level road walk to a small group of toilets taking 25 minutes, followed by a 550m undulating path walk taking 10 minutes - with lovely views to Lochnell House. It is accessed from the south side of assembly, going past the bus drop off point and parking – so beware of cars and buses on the track. There is pressure on space at the South start, and competitors are asked to arrive close to their start times to avoid congestion.
North Start for Blue and Yellow Starts: a walk 850m taking 15 minutes mainly along an undulating track. This is accessed from the west of assembly. Be aware that competitors on their courses will cross and run on this track.
Courses 1,2,5 and 6 have a remote Finish:. This has been unavoidable due to the nature of the terrain but has allowed us to ensure suitable courses for juniors. The remote finish is close is 200m along a flat track from the toilets which are passed on the way to the South start – so competitors should take care on their return to the assembly area.


Stirling Surveys 2010 with updates in 2011. Scale: 1:10,000 with 5m contour interval


The whole of the area is an active farm with rough grazing for cattle, field grazing for cattle and sheep rearing, and pheasant rearing. Please respect all normal farm etiquette. All livestock should be secure in out of fields which are out of bounds areas. Other gates will be open, and electric fences switched off.
This is a coastal peninsula typical of the west coast of Scotland with a rocky shoreline and several inlets. The area is mainly flat with raised areas of natural mixed woodland. The marshes have not proved to be as wet as might be expected from the map. The easier courses use a network of paths in the grounds of Lochnell House.
All courses offer the competitor stunning views and excellent wildlife. Otters have been spotted in the area so slow down if you hope to spot one!!
Two stiles and one open gate will allow runners to cross the deer fences which traverse the area. These are marked on the map.
There are six out of bound areas marked on the map (but not on the ground). One safeguards the privacy of Lochnell House ; two others are for safekeeping of cattle; three others are small fenced enclosures which will hold newly installed pheasant chicks on the day of the event. These birds are liable to be flighty, and you are asked to keep at least 15m from the fences and to avoid agitating them. Course affected are 1, 2, 5, 6 and 40-50.

Safety Information

On the east side of the peninsula to the south of Lochnell House there is a very steep cliff. Only a few long courses visit the area above this area.

Elite Courses

No special info.

String Course

We regret that due to terrain constraints, access to and participation in today’s string course will NOT be pushchair friendly.


Dogs are not allowed in the assembly area. If you have arrived by car your dog can be left on a short leash next to your car in the event car park.
If you have arrived by bus there is a small designated “dog area” that you will be directed to by the bus marshall. They can be left (in the shade) attached to the fence to the south side of the Carpark on a short leash. Thank you for your understanding.
Reasons why this is necessary.

Special Information

Radio controls: There are 2 radio controls on the masters courses which will feed information to the commentary team.

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View across the bay (Photo:Chris Spencer) Control 184, before it was moved Section of the Lochnell map Transport plan View from Lochnell Lochnell terrain Lochnell terrain One of the new mobile control sites The middle of the estuary




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