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New 6-Day T bars

Edited on 28th Jul 2011

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Some time ago the 6-Day company began to look for replacements for some of its trusted T-bars which were showing signs of age. As this is true of many who orienteer, we were looking for something much lighter than those we had and which was also BOF compliant.

Internet searches and purchased samples did not give an obvious option and we began to look at new design. The design was inspired by the SI stakes of Joe Scarborough at Joe’s designs were very light but needed adaption to control numbers.

Several prototypes later the new design was finalised; 40% lighter than the old T-Bar. These have been manufactured in Scotland and assembled by volunteers to take the BS7 SI units. The new stakes are being used together with the older T-bars for the first time at Oban2011, so look out for them in the forest.

The specifications sheet for the design

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