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Rest Day Events

Edited on 08th Aug 2011

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The events planned were a Mountain Bike Race at Sutherland’s Grove and a Sprint Race at Tralee Bay.

Sprint Race, Tralee Bay

map location

Location:  Tralee Bay
Car Park: Grid Ref. NM 902389, Postcode PA37 1QR, Lat/Long 54.495N 5.409W

Sprint Results

Full results and splits
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Report from the field

One of the many options for the “rest” day was a terrific sprint race held in and around Tralee Holiday Park. Temperatures were around the 20 degree mark and with blue sky this was going to be a very enjoyable excursion to open forest, holiday park, dunes, beach and back into the forest before a final sprint over the sand in the play park.
Austrian Commentator Goggi, no stranger to Sprint races across Europe and last year’s planner for the Venice Street-O commented that this event, mapped and planned expertly by Andy Dale of ECKO, was one of the best events he had ever taken part in. The atmosphere of the whole event was very relaxed, but as always once competitors were off the starting blocks there was a lot of exciting head-to-head racing. A number of competitors celebrated completion of their run with a bracing dip in the bay.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Pre-event info

Directions:  Parking will be at the 6-days campsite on the Tralee road from the Event Centre. There will be a signed 1 km walk down a track to the beach and along it to the assembly area (registration/start/finish).  At assembly there will be shelter and a tent to leave your gear in while you run. Toilets will be available at the parking/campsite area.  You can return via the Holiday Park if you’d like to visit the fish and chip shop.

Start times: 3:30 - 5:30pm. No pre-assigned start times. ‘Punch-and-go’ with a 30-second gap between runners on the same course.

Map:  New 1:4000 sprint map (ISSOM) with 2.5m contours.

Terrain:  This will be a ‘forest sprint’ with a mixture of fast, mature woodland, beach, dunes and caravan park.  There are also steep slopes and occasional undergrowth so leg cover and studded footwear are recommended.  Courses include some tarmac through the Holiday Park (less than 20%)..

Long, 2.8 km (winning time around 15 mins).  Advanced (TD4).
Short, 1.9 km. Intermediate (TD3).
The long course touches briefly on a public road and doesn’t cross it. Please take care. The short course does not encounter public roads and is suitable for juniors.

Notes:  Please keep off grassed areas in the Holiday Park and areas around caravans/chalets. These will be mapped as out-of-bounds (olive green). 

Timing: SPORTident

Entry Fees: Seniors £5, Juniors £3 (Entry on the Day + £1)

There will also be entry-on-the-day subject to map numbers. We will print a good number of spare maps, though you should enter in advance to be certain of a map.

Sponsoring club: Loch Eck Orienteers (EckO)
Planner/organiser/mapper: Andy Dale
Controller: Niall Urquhart

Mountain Bike Orienteering Race

map location

Location: Sutherland’s Grove
Car Park: Grid Ref. NM 965422, Postcode PA37 1SQ, Lat/Long 56.528N 5.309W
An area of planted forest approximately 12 miles north of Oban on the main road to Fort William beside the village of Barcaldine. The event will be signposted from the main road. Parking is in the Forestry Commission car park. There are no toilets on site. It is possible to cycle to the venue along the new Oban to Fort William cycle path as it passes through the event car park.

MTBO Results

50 minute:

Position Name Score Time Penalty Overall score
1 Davie Frame 140 00:44:15 0 140
2 Chris Rostron 120 00:49:57 0 120
3 Michael Jamieson & James Lockhart 100 00:46:27 0 100
4 Ross Urquhart 100 00:47:05 0 100
5 Andy Paterson 100 00:47:47 0 100
6 Jill Manning 100 00:48:02 0 100
7 Jura MacMillan 100 00:49:16 0 100
8 Louis MacMillan 80 00:48:41 0 80
9 Kit Benjamin 80 00:49:26 0 80
10 Steve McLean 120 00:53:32 40 80
11 David Hanstock 70 00:47:29 0 70
12 Lizzie Rose 100 00:52:05 30 70
13 Helen Hanstock 100 00:52:22 30 70
14 Derek Jamieson 90 00:53:15 40 50
15 Rick Richardson 70 00:52:08 30 40
16 Heather Thomson 120 00:58:00 80 40
17 Kathryn Willis 70 00:54:41 50 20

80 minute:

Position Name Score Time Penalty Overall score
1 Steve Nicholson 230 01:15:47 0 230
2 Andy Simpson 230 01:17:59 0 230
3 Nick Dallimore 210 01:18:45 0 210
4 Dickie Jones 200 01:10:52 0 200
5 David Spence 200 01:17:00 0 200
6 Jason Faulkner 180 01:15:49 0 180
7 Phil Rogers 180 01:18:31 0 180
8 Josh Dudley 170 01:12:33 0 170
9 Gareth Buffet 160 01:18:38 0 160
10 Caroline Dallimore 150 01:16:07 0 150
11 Calum Urquhart 150 01:18:34 0 150
12 Keith Dawson 170 01:21:41 20 150
13 Graeme Dudley 140 01:16:09 0 140
14 Angela Dixon 140 01:17:58 0 140
15 Hamish Rogers 130 01:11:45 0 130
16 Alistair Tinto 130 01:14:23 0 130
17 Roger Scrutton 130 01:15:02 0 130
18 Ian MacIntyre 140 01:20:05 10 130
19 John Mitchell 160 01:23:12 40 120
20 Brian Miller 100 01:17:18 100 100
21 Helen Dyke 120 01:24:41 50 70
  Piotr Dargacz 150 unknown 0 150
  Duncan Raitt 0   0 DNF

Pre-event info

Terrain: Sutherland’s provides a mixture of ridability, ranging from forest roads to single track, with the additional challenges of hills. The whole forest is on a westward facing slope, with a small reservoir near the eastern edge of the map (there are excellent views from the dam looking out towards Lismore).

Courses: This is a score event. There will be an option of a 50 minute score and an 80 minute score, both lengths will use the same map and course. (You can decide on the day which length you want to do depending how fit you feel!)

Starts: Registration from 10.00-11.00. Starts from 10.30-11.30. No start times will be allocated, just start when you are ready (punching starts). SI electronic punching will be used. The start is a few minutes cycle from the parking.

Entries and Fees: £10 for adults, £7 for juniors and students. Please note that all proceeds raised from this event will go to the local outdoor charity called Stramash, the event organisers. Stramash has been working with the local orienteering club, EckO, over the past number of years to successfully develop orienteering in the area. By entering this event you will be helping towards the continued development of the sport in the local area.

Map: 1:20,000, contour interval 10m, updated 2011.  A mountain bike orienteering map will be used. This gives the ridability of each track/path.

You must wear a helmet at all times during your cycle.
Riders should carry spares and tools for minor common repairs.
A waterproof, basic first aid kit, food and drink are also recommended.
Do not ride off paths. You may carry your bike through the forest if necessary.
This is a working forest so please take care around machinery, felled areas and log piles.
The area contains tracks and single tracks that may be steep, narrow, rocky or loose, with overhanging branches - take care - you compete at your own risk.
You may want to wear cycling glasses to protect your eyes from mud and branches.
Respect other forest users - in places there may be other bikers and walkers also using the forest, be considerate. Take extra care on fast descents.
You compete at your own risk.

Planner: Niall Urquhart
Controller: Andy Dale
Event held in conjunction with the Scottish 6 Days of Orienteering
Organised by Stramash- 01631 566080,,

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