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Edited on 29th Jul 2011

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  1. There are multiple starts indicated by colours.
  2. Details of which class uses which start. On each day some of the starts will be combined, but start combinations may differ from day to day. Check the details for each day in the programme or here for information on which starts are combined on that day, and also take note of the coloured tapes leading from the Assembly Area to each start.
    Colour coded: be aware that the start colour is probably not the same as the colour of your course.
  3. SI clear stations will be at the pre start areas.
  4. Start Times each day are from 1000 – 1400 hrs. All courses close at 1630 hrs each day.
  5. Start Lists will be displayed in the Assembly Area each day.
  6. If you lose your bib you must get a replacement at the Registration Point in the Assembly Area.
    No Bib, No Go.

Start Procedure Call up

Colour coded entries will need to show the voucher they were given at registration and they will be guided through the start process.

Age class courses
‐4 minutes: There will be an SI card check.

‐3 box: Will have sets of self‐service control descriptions; these will be on pegs and printed on waterproof paper. It is the Competitor’s responsibility to affix these to his/her person as they wish.

-2 box: Blank maps will be available.

-1 box: A check of bibs and SI cards will take place.

The start is on the long beep. Competitors must start on their allocated minute unless they have a Special permit. The maps will be in an appropriately numbered bag. Please ensure you take only 1 map. A tape will lead from the map boxes to a kite which marks the centre of the start triangle.

Maps for courses 1, 2, 5 & 6 (and for the White and Yellow Colour Coded courses) will be on display in the Assembly Area, but will be picked up at the Start, as for other competitors.

On the right of the start boxes will be the colour coded and late start lane with separate start officials. This will also be used by the second runner of adults with split starts and helpers. These competitors will have confirmation on their bib of “punching start” and helpers will have a “helpers punching start permit”. All such competitors must report to the start official for a suitable start time.

Late starts

If a competitor is late, they will be allowed to start as soon as practically possible with a punching start. However, it will be at the discretion of the controller whether their official start time or punching start time will be used in the results.
Please report to the late start official who will advise you when you may start and note the late start.

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