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Edited on 11th Aug 2011

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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company, there are many to thank for the Oban 2011 event:

- all of the competitors for entering the event and their understanding of the problems encountered by using a West Coast venue for such a large event. We hope you enjoyed your visit to the West Coast; even the midges kept a low profile for most of the week! For many of you, the weather during the Rest Day and the stunning scenery you saw will remain in your memory for a long time.

- the Central Organisation formed from EckO, Clyde and Ayroc and led by Ross Lilley. Over the last four years, this team has put in many thousands of hours of volunteer time to ensure that the event would happen. They will now have so much free time to enjoy orienteering themselves!

- the day teams of controllers, organisers and planners who, along with their clubs, staged each day of competition. These key people spent many hours in the terrain to try and ensure the best possible courses for you to enjoy. We also acknowledge the excellent support given to us by non-SOA clubs to help to boost the man-power figures each day.

- the landowners and farmers whose land we accessed for the events. Without their co-operation this competition could never have taken place.

There has been one thing which has not been as positive as the rest of the event. The Event Campsite had over 300 staying there and 90% of these campers were excellent. On the Youth Area there was a minority whose behaviour brought our sport into disrepute. They were rude to the campsite manager, destroyed property and caused disturbance to residents during the night. These people, and their parents, had signed a ‘Code of Conduct’ but this proved to be worthless. It is unacceptable to subject the campsite volunteers (who are also on holiday!) to this behaviour. The Board of Directors will have to very carefully consider the provision of a youth camp in the future.

The Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company look forward to welcoming you and your friends back to Scotland for Moray 2013 - the dates are Sunday 28th July to Saturday 3rd August 2013.

Lynne Walker
Board of Directors.

Individual thanks

Oban 2011 would not have happened without the input from the following people. They all made the event a success and, on your behalf, we want to thank them for all their efforts;

Central Organising Team
See this page for the COT key roles

Councillors Elaine Robertson and Roddy McCuish - Argyll and Bute Council


Dave Bleazard - EckO - Campsite Manager
Jan Kersel –  EckO - Assistant campsite manager and Event Centre Key holder.
Elaine and Adrian Lauder – Highfield Campsite Owners
Willie and June Currie – Hawthorn Campsite Owners
Duncan Buchanan -  Grazier – For moving his livestock off Hawthorn campsite
Lucy Shearer – Assisted with shower hookups
Barry Ferguson -  Electrician connecting showers and lighting
Peter McLuckie – Argyll and Bute Council Refuse collection manager
Iain Mackinnon - Argyll and Bute Council environmental services manager – arranged council input to campsite plans.
Ann Campbell – West Coast Loos, Oban – Supply and replenishing Loos.
Scotloos – Shower units hire.
Independent Fire Services – Fire Extinguishers
Tommy Maxwell – Groundworks - Hawthorn campsite parking entrances.
Mr Donald Scobie – Allowed access across his croft between campsites.
Gareth Bryan Jones – Assembled wash basins and shower connections
Gordon Shearer - Helped dismantle campsite facilities and transport equipment to store.
Lachie Strathearn – Allowed access across his croft for loo lorry
R-Hire Ltd – trackmats for campsite fields.
Tents Direct – Supply 2 marquee shelters for campsite fields
Ross Barclay – Scottish Water advice on campsite water supply.

Computing Team

Paul Frost - EckO - Computing Team Co-ordinator
Andrew Leaney, Andrew Dalgleish & Steve Mclean - SPORTident
Robin Strain - ELO
David Nicol - FVO
Alan Partridge - EckO
Finlay Walton - EckO

Entry on the Day Team

Dave Robertson - Clyde - Team Leader
Robertson family - Clyde - EOD Team Members
Wilson Family - Clyde - EOD Team Members

Equipment Team

Stuart Durham - AYROC - Equipment Team Co-ordinator
Charlie and Tricia Woodward – AYROC -  Equipment team members
Robert Kincaid – Ecko – Equipment Team member
R-Hire Ltd - Trackmats
Tommy Maxwell – Field entrances works
Alex Hill – Fencing Contractor – 20+ stiles across fences in day areas
Tents Direct – Marquees
Amplified Sound – Tannoy
Wolfgang Poetsch (Goggi) Mike Edwards & Mick Lucking -  Commentators

Event Centre / Socials

Kate Hunter - EckO - Social Programme Co-Ordinator
Dougie Condy – AYROC - Event centre manager
Lucy Shearer - EckO - Victory Hall socials co-organiser and convenor
Gordon Cruikshank and team - Victory Hall Bar
Bluescaster – Sunday night entertainers
Diageo – Oban Distillery – Monday night whisky tasting
Stramash - Tuesday night Ceilidh organisers
Drams Aloud - Tuesday night Stramash ceilidh
Mike Stewart from ESOC - Wednesday Quiz
Ceilidh Bandidos – Friday night entertainers
Hollow Mountain String Band – Saturday night entertainers
Shirley Matheson – Lochnell School Head Teacher
Julie Watson - EckO - Key holder – Lochnell School
Jan Kersel - EckO - Key holder – Lochnell School

Members of Benderloch and Tralee Communities
Members of the Local Origins Rural Network group for staging an additional farmers market for orienteers.
Shellcocks at Tralee Holiday Park for putting on extra BBQ and Fish and Chips and allowing use of their park for the rest day sprint race
Members of St Modans Church for serving coffee and hospitality throughout the week
Munros Shop and Ledaig Leisure, and Ben Lora Café Benderloch – for keeping campers supplied with provisions
Sea View, Elderberry and other caravan and camping accommodation providers in the area.
Residents for putting up with additional traffic especially on Friday 5th August

Information team

Lynne Walker - EckO - Information Team Leader
Jane & Catherine Cherry – AYROC – Information team members
Christina Condy – AYROC – Information team member
Pat & Brigid Flanagan - AYROC – Information team members
Christine & Robert Patterson – Clyde - Information team members
Amelia Petrie – Clyde – Information team member
Jan & Bill Kersel – EckO - Information team members
Fiona & Briony Kincaid – EckO - Information team members
Andrea, Sam & Trevor Lines – EckO - Information team members
Susannah & Gordon MacMillan – EckO - Information team members
Mandy, Murray & Jamie Peden - EckO - Information team members
Claire Rizos – EckO - Information team member

Merchandise team

Claire Allison - LOC - Buyer & Team Leader
Alastair Dunlop – Clyde – Merchandise team member
Stewart Dunlop and Margaret Dunlop - AYROC - Merchandise team members
Andrew MacPherson – Clyde - Merchandise team member
Gill Berrow – EckO - Merchandise team member
Mary Greig - EckO - Merchandise team member


Lorna Elliott – Argyll and the Islands Leader programme – For assisting funding award for mapping and Day area infrastructure works including bridge on Day 4.
Jennifer Downs – Event Scotland – For funding assistance towards Day area infrastructure, track mat hire, marquees, Day 4 bridge and Day 3 GPS/traktrack/Big Screen hire.
Malcolm Dingwall-Smith – Sports Scotland – For funding assistance to Scottish Orienteering Association to allow professional officer input to the event.
Diageo – Oban Distillery - Sponsors of Whisky Tasting Evening
Sea Life Centre – For discount entry vouchers and string course prizes
Tesco Oban – For string course prizes
Scottish Natural Heritage – For String course prizes
Ultrasport -  Age Class winners prize sponsors
Scottish Association for Marine Science, Dunstaffnage – Spot Prizes – Inov8 competition prizes and discount vouchers


Suse Coon - EckO - Traders Co-Ordinator
CompassPoint - Orienteering clothing
UltraSport - Orienteering clothing
Mountain range - Outdoor clothing
Wendy Hope - Massage
Healing Hands - Massage
Scotts - Catering
Alfresco - Catering
British & Continental - Catering
Truly Scrumptious - Catering
Jill and Tim Bowis and members of LORN – Local Origins Rural Network – Farmers Market on Rest Day and Day 4.
Tralee Bay Holiday Park – Fish and Chip Van and BBQ stall

Traffic Management

Andy Dale - EckO - Bus Co-Ordinator
Bill Weston – Argyll and Bute Council Roads Manager
Phil Hinchcliffe – Transport Scotland Area Manager North
Colin Heggie – Transerve Scotland District Manager
Cathel Macaskill – Transerve Scotland
Inspector McLeish – Strathclyde Police, Oban
Sargeant Iain Stewart – Strathclyde Police Traffic Argyll and Bute
Sargeant Stevie McLeer – Strathclyde Police, Oban
Colin Glen – Alba Traffic Management – Hire of traffic lights and signage Day 2 and 3
Crunachy Service Station – Angus Douglas – Bus Hire and Drivers
Sheil Busses – Bus Hire and Drivers
Oban Post Office staff – For re-arranging their postal runs to avoid worst of orienteering traffic
Members of Connel, North Connel, Bonawe, Benderloch, Tralee, Ardchattan, Barcaldine, Dunbeg, Oban, Ganavan, Kilvaree, Glen Lonan, Taynuilt communities and surrounding residents for tolerating journey delays due to orienteering traffic.

Day 1

Mike Robertson and Dunollie Estate
Paul Nicholl and Dunstaffnage Estate
Alistair and Jimmy Macleod – Dunolliebeg Farm
Caroline Ronald – Saulmore Farm
Philip Wilson -  West Highland Housing Association – Assembly Field
David Hodge and Ganavan Residents Association
John Macgregor – Ganavan Sands Developments
Midgie Bytes – Food Trader – Ganavan Carpark
Argyll and Bute Council

Members of Forth Valley Orienteering Club (FVO),  Tayside Orienteering Club (TAY) - Organising clubs
Dave Coustick and Trevor Hoey (FVO) - course planners
Louise Longhurst (FVO), Elaine Gillies (TAY) - Organisers
John Colls (INVOC) and Ben Stansfield (FVO) - Controllers

Day 2

Lorne Nelson and Trustees
The Late Jane Nelson – Achnacloich
Sarah Illingworth – Estate Manager
Peter Sinclair – Farm Manager
Charlie Milne -  Gardener
Charlie – Stockman
Gregor – Stockman
Tom Little – Game keeper
Khoudi Abdelli – For broadband connection to trial GPS technology
Residents of Achnacloich and surrounds for putting up with congestion on Monday and Tuesday 1st and 2nd August

Members of Grampian Orienteering Club (Gramp) and Kingdom of Fife Orienteering Club (KFO) - organising clubs assisted by South London ( SLOW) and Havering and South Essex (HAVOC) orienteering clubs.
Ian Searle (GRAMP), Ewen Rennie (GRAMP) – Course Planners
Richard Oxlade (GRAMP), Adrian Will (GRAMP) - Organisers
Dave Kershaw (ESOC), Neil McLean (GRAMP) - Controllers

Day 3

Lorne Nelson and Trustees
The Late Jane Nelson – Achnacloich
Sarah Illingworth – Estate Manager
Peter Sinclair -  Farm Manager
Charlie – Stockman
Tom Little – Game keeper
Dougie -  For broadband connection to trial GPS technology

Members of Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC),  SOLWAY orienteering club,  Edinburgh University Orienteering Club (EUOC) – organising clubs assisted by 8 members of Kings Newcastle Old Boys orienteering club (KNOBOC), 2 members of South Yorkshire orienteering club (SYO), several members of Borderliners orienteering club and 8 royal military police personnel.
Bill Stevenson (ESOC), Katy Lessells (ESOC) – course planners
Margaret Dalgleish (ESOC), Clive Masson (ESOC) - organisers
Brian Bullen (FVO), Tim O’Donoghue (SOLWAY) - controllers
Thanks to following for putting the screen and GPS tracking together;
Ted Finch, Brian Bullen, Colin Matheson for procuring, assembling, fiddling and operating the components required to get the tracking on the screen.

Dougie -  Resident at Stonefield for allowing use of his broadband connection

Paul Frost, Sportident, Andrew Dalgleish, Robin Strain and others in the download tent for back up and moral support!

Wolfgang Poetsch (Goggi) Mike Edwards & Mick Lucking for taking on the added pressure of commentating on what was on the screen as well as their usual finish lane reports.

Eseye, Tractrac and Racing Scotland (Big Screen) for supplying the components

Day 4

Dunach Estate -  Owner
Mark Mitchell – Bell Ingram -  Land agent
John Cameron -  Farm Manager

John Peden Associates -  Bridge Contract supervisor
Fion Construction -  Bridge Building Contractor
CTS Bridges -  Bridge Supplier

INTERLØPERS; MORAVIAN with generous assistance from members of the Royal Air Force Orienteers (RAFO), Norfolk orienteering club (NOR) and Jesus College Orienteering Klubb (JOK) -  Organising Clubs
Paul Caban (INT), Graham McIntyre (INT) -  Course planners
Colin Eades (INT), Kim Eden (MOR) -  Organisers
Ian Turner (SOLWAY), Ken Daly (INT) -  Controllers

Day 5

Douglas Dundonnell – Lochnell Estate -  Owner of Lochnell Estate
Paul Nicholl – Bell Ingram-  Agent for Lochnell Estate
John McTavish -  Manager, Lochnell Estate
Duncan Buchanan -  Shenavallie Farm

John Tullie (RR) and Roger Jackson (WCOC) for driving the tractor that pulled the loo lorry out of the field!
Members of Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club (BASOC), Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC), Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club (RR) and Tinto Orienteering Club (TINTO) Organising clubs with much assistance from Clydeside Orienteers (CLYDE)  on traffic/road/bus marshalling, Wimbourne Orienteers (WIM) on carparking   Lakeland Orienteering Club (LOK) on starts and Pendle Forest Orienteers (PFO)  on the remote download.
Andrew Armstrong ( RR)  Hilary Quick ( BASOC) -  Course Planners
Rhona Fraser (INVOC)  Marion MacCormick ( BASOC) -  Organisers
Donald Grassie (GRAMP)  Iain Shepherd (INVOC) -  Controllers

Day 6

Sarah Troughton   -  Ardchattan Estate – Landowner
Malcolm Macdonald/Donald Cameron -  Farm Managers
Archie Cameron – Farmer

Members of Mar Orienteering Club (Maroc), St Andrews Orienteering Club Glasgow (STAG), East Lothian Orienteering Club (ELO) - with help from AS Martignas (Maroc twin club from near Bordeau), Guildford Orienteers (GO), Harlequins Orienteering Club (HOC) and British Army Orienteering Club (BAOC)

Roger Coombs (Maroc), Pauline McAdam (STAG) -  Course Planners
Jon Musgrave (Maroc), Paul McMillan (Maroc) -  Organisers
George Esson (GRAMP), Terry O’Brien (STAG) -  Controllers


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