Bib and Programme Collection

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Location information

Registration - Sunday 28th and onwards

Information point in Assembly Areas.

Day 1     09:00 to 16:00.        Day 2.  09:30 to 16:00

Race Bibs & hired SI cards

Bibs will be collected alphabetically by family name

If you are running in different classes over the week then you will have two bibs
We advise you to reinforce the corners of the race bib with tape
Please bring 4 x safety pins to attach the bib (spare pins will be on sale, proceeds to charity)
As all items (bib, hired SI card, memento, programme and more) are being supplied loose this year you may like to use one of the bags kindly donated by Lidls of Forres.

Please check before leaving that you have the correct bib and SI card


The programme will be a single sheet of A3 folded down to a small pocket size
It is available to download as a PDF now
One programme will be issued per entrant at registration
There will also be a separate information sheet

All Competitors
(Age Class and Colour Coded)

Competitors who have the possibility of a punching start will have PS on their bibs instead of a start time
Elite runners will be emailed separately about their starts

Entry on the Day (EOD)
(14:00 – 18:00)

Both Age Class and Colour Coded entries will be for sale subject to map availability
BOF members please bring BOF number to simplify the registration process

Remember - No BIB, No GO

Tickets etc

Social events tickets, training map packs  and entries for rest day events (Trail-O, MTBO and Sprint) will be on sale
Payments must be either cash or cheque in GBP


Moray 2013 merchandise will be on sale and pre-ordered goods will be available for collection
A Few Surplus Maps’  and the famous SEDS Jigsaw mark 2 will also be on sale, which is a montage of the 6 Moray 2013 maps.
Payments must be either cash or cheque in GBP


Equipment and clothing traders will be in attendance


Separate EOD area close to information and there will be food and drink traders


IIf you would like to download this information please use this link

Lidl of Forres have kindly donated bags which can be used for your bibs, hired SI card, memento, programme and more.

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Nearest town: Forres
Postcode: IV36 1PJ
Grid Ref: NJ038586
Latitude: 57.60795
Longitude: -3.61192
Google Map (aerial)
Bing Map (OS)

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