Campsite Rules

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Campsite Rules & Registration Form

Scottish Orienteering depends on the National Trust for Scotland for access to many orienteering areas. We are dependent on their goodwill and thus there will be a zero tolerance policy for inconsiderate behaviour. Parents are reminded of their responsibilities for their children especially if they are using the Youth Area.

Admission to the campsite

  • Everyone staying on the event campsite must be registered with the campsite management.  Camping fees must be paid in full before entering the camping area. 
  • One waterproof camping permit for every tent to be put on the site, which should be displayed clearly for the campsite management and security staff to see.
  • A car permit is also required to distinguish campers vehicles from others, which should be displayed clearly in the windscreen area for campsite management and security staff to see
  • Under-18’s not accompanied in a group by an adult must have a responsible adult, preferably a parent or guardian, sign their registration form. 
  • No unauthorized or ad hoc 1 night camping is allowed
  • Anyone not following these rules will be required to leave the campsite
  • The 6 Day Team and the NTS reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the campsite

Fire is a very serious hazard on any campsite.

  • The entrances must be kept clear at all times to allow access for emergency vehicles.
  • Tents, campervans and caravans should be placed in accordance with pitch markers and cars parked in allocated areas
  • No fires are to be lit on the campsite and any barbeques be placed in suitable containers and totally extinguished and damped down after use. Barbeques must not be placed directly on the grass.
  • In the event of fire, alert others and phone the Fire and Rescue Service immediately.
  • There are sand buckets and dry powder fire extinguishers at the fire points, which are marked with a 2m long red post. Please make sure you know the location of the nearest fire point.


  • It is intended that during the week the campsites will be free of moving vehicles, in order to create as safe an environment as possible. 
  • Please abide by the instructions issued at the time – this is important for preserving the quality of the grass for the owner.
  • Please would all drivers and cyclists look out for other campers, especially the youngsters, when moving on the site.


  • On the parts of the campsite designated as the quiet area and family area, all noise must cease at 2200hrs and in the Youth area noise must cease at 2300hrs. 
  • Any campers returning late to the campsite are requested to do so quietly and without disturbing others.


  • Are allowed on the site but they must be kept on leads under control and their owners must clear up after them.

Out of Bounds

  •  Please cross all fences using the stiles provided and use the path marked on the campsite map when moving between the camping areas.

Showers, Toilets etc.

  • These are being brought in for the event.  Showers will only be available for use between certain hours – see notices at the showers and at campsite registration.  Please do your best to keep the showering and toilet areas clean.  Additional instructions will be in the shower and toilet areas

Litter / recycling

  • Please place all litter and recycling in the bins provided
  • Tidy up your own mess
  • Campers creating unnecessary mess or litter will be required to leave

Campsite Queries

  • In the event of other queries contact the event centre information, Campsite Warden or the Campsite Manager
  • Campsite Warden, Jamie Couper 07582 277 759
  • Campsite Manager, Sam Gomersall, 07804 042 850

Downloadable Documents

Registration Form

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