Day 1: Lossie

Last edited: 04th Aug 2013

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The Run-In on Day 1, Credit:ActivNorth

Sunday Jul 28

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Chris Spencer, ActivNorth
Video from Alistiar Thornton (aged 16)

Day 1 Newsletter

Day 1 report

Nairn enjoyed a relatively dry day but unfortunately the rain (lots of it) decided to fall on Lossie Forest only 25 miles away.  The arena looked fantastic, even in the rain, with the national flags of most of our visitors on display.  A Lithuanian EOD and Estonian were missed out – by Tuesday we hope that the Union Jack and Scottish Flag can be added in strict IOF Protocol order.  For the first time the Scottish 6 Days has employed a professional event services company – Limelight of Inverness have proved their worth working long days moving around a growing quantity of equipment including double sets of marquees and hire equipment such as ground protection mats and crowd barriers for the run.  Funding from EventScotland and Moray LEADER has made this all possible.  In the deluge some 1,200 cars and 100 campervans or motorhomes took the long road along the forest and over the mats into a massive, flat and fortunately well drained parking and assembly field.  The road was very rutted as we drove out, probably a direct result of the rain washing the sand out of the existing potholes.

In the forest the 9.9 km M21E was won by WOC 2013 Middle Distance Bronze medallist Gustav Bergman, in a stunning sub 5 min/km time.  Graham Gristwood was a couple of minutes behind.  Tessa Hill won W21E ahead of Sprint Gold medallist (2011) Linnea Gustafsson who is currently based in Edinburgh.  Tessa (and Cat Taylor who ran Green) are heading off with Murray and Scott to Colombia for the World Games in a couple of days’ time.  Most courses ran along parallel with the beach in the complex forested dunes but the presence of a motorbike track made navigation less complex than previously enjoyed in this area.  That said it was easy to overshoot or undershoot and relocation became costly.  The “easy” legs across relatively featureless terrain also caught out many runners.  A small area of light to dark green at the end ensured a soaking if the long grass to the final control didn’t.  45 crowd barriers either side ensured the 100 metre run-in was fairly exact.  Commentator Per Forsberg coped very well with the conditions, and a few teething problems with radio controls and start procedures will hopefully be ironed out as the week progresses.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Organising Clubs: AYROC, CLYDE, ECKO
Planners: Steve Wilson, Carol Burnapp
Organisers: Andrew Macpherson, Rachel Wilson
Controllers: Dick Carmichael, Ross Lilley

UK Orienteering League event

UK Orienteering League logo

The UK Orienteering League is a new league based competition for individuals and club teams.
Days 1 and 3 are part of this years league.

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Nearest town: Lossiemouth
Postcode: IV31 6RU
Grid Ref: NJ254670
Latitude: 57.69
Longitude: -3.26
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