Day 2: Carse of Ardersier

Last edited: 05th Aug 2013

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The Perfect Stage, Credit:Colin Matheson

Monday Jul 29

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Chris Spencer, ActivNorth
Video from Alistair Thornton (age 16) 

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Day 2 Report

After yesterday’s torrential rain, and the sale of only one ice cream (just one Cornetto?) by Kone Cabin, today saw a complete change in the weather and by three o’clock there was a long queue for ice creams.  How 24 hours can change things.  Carse of Ardersier was a new day from the Scottish 6 Days perspective but has been used on occasion by local clubs and in one instance a GB selection race. Choosing a map scale of 1:7,500 seemed very wise and the size of the map promised good value for money.  While much of the terrain was relatively flat with subtle changes in height it was a surprise to encounter a “hill” at the east-most end of the map.  This is where the sole came off my O-shoe and hopefully there is still a good choice left with the traders.

The assembly field proved a great venue and there was time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere before and after runs.  Instead of the mass exodus experienced yesterday it was a more balanced affair, and small problems like a campervan stuck on the exit ramp were overcome by some quick thinking and re-routing.  Innovations we are trying out this week will include the high-tech but we have also made small changes, for example use of security fencing to hang results in folders.  Much easier to set-up, and also a much better look and feel.  The crowd barriers had a modest number of promotional banners – we couldn’t quite match the 1,200 metres of barriers or 2.5 km of banners used at the recent WOC in Finland.

Murray Strain on the eve of his departure for Colombia won the M21E (Middle Distance) ahead of Swiss Team member Baptiste Rollier.  Riina Kuuselo of Octavian Droobers (and Finland) won W21E.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Day 2 Video by Alistair Thornton (age 16) on YouTube

Organising Clubs: INTERLØPERS, BASOC
Planners: Alex Campbell, Callum Scott
Organisers: Robin Galloway, Ken Daly
Controllers: Fraser Purves, Paul Caban

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Nearest town: Nairn
Postcode: IV2 7QX
Grid Ref: NH805558
Latitude: 57.58
Longitude: -4.00
Google Map (aerial)
Bing Map (OS)

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