Day 3: Culbin

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Still going for it, Credit:Colin Matheson

Tuesday Jul 30

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Culbin or Culbin West or what should we call it?  That was the least of our worries as at one stage we wondered how we could stage an event in Culbin.  A large chicken shed and a few thousand chickens were in the preferred assembly field and changing agriculture had led to a move from grass to crops.  Local Moravians talked of a secret dune system to the west of the area and thanks to an excellent parking field and assembly area nearby we realised that we could start to extend the area.  The Forestry Commission Scotland were a fantastic help and took a machine down some of the more difficult rides to make Junior courses possible.  Assistance extended to a couple of gates – you all went through a new gate to the starts and a new gate to the finish at 100.  To use the new area we did have to make the compromise with quite remote starts and a remote finish, but fortunately the weather was kind, the Red Cross positioned an extra vehicle and crew and all passed off smoothly.  Commentary did of course focus on the race arena, a mixture of young, old and Elites, usually mixed up.  Some of the youngest competitors seemed to be intent on winning the fastest run in against the M and W21E.

After tomorrow’s Trail O and Radio O Culbin returns to an embargoed state for WOC 2015.  Listen out for announcements on Day 4 (Euromeeting and the World Ranking Event for the Elites).  Moray 2013 has provided the opportunity for many of the WOC 2015 team to get together and look at the various race arena options – on walkabout tonight we did pass some orienteers (in urban areas) but they didn’t pass comment on the Assistant Event Director, Technical Director, Commentator, Film Director and Technical Support Staff /Planners/Controllers all gathered together.

The week has so far passed off largely without incident, though the scale of the event seems to have caught a number of local residents by surprise.  Close on 100 entries on the day have been happening, but we are still waiting for a rush of local participants who had been primed by the Regional Development Officer.

Riina Kuuselo is proving the one to try and beat in W21E - Franziska Dörig was however only one second down today.  In the M21E Gustav Bergman is showing his class, but Graham Gristwood seems determined to show he should be back in the next WOC with a number of fine performances.

Colin Matheson
Professional Officer
Scottish Orienteering Association

Organising Clubs: EUOC, INVOC, TAY
Planners: Dave Summers, Mari Todd
Organisers: Davie Frame, Elaine Gillies
Controllers: Richard Oxlade, Joan Noble

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Nearest town: Forres
Postcode: IV36 2TE
Grid Ref: NH967585
Latitude: 57.60
Longitude: -3.73
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