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Start times

Courses available and how to enter

Please note that normal online entries are now closed. Late entries will be accepted up until 17th July, at a surcharge.

Age class:

A full range of age class courses is available. Entry on the day for age class courses will only be available if there are unused start times and maps are available.

Colour Coded:

White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green. These courses are designed for those not competing in the age class competition and will provide courses at Technical Difficulty level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. Entry on the day will be available but pre-entry is encouraged. No start times will be allocated for these courses.

Technical Difficulty, age classes and colour coded courses. TD : Technical difficulty, where TD1 is easiest.

TD1           M10B, W10B, white
TD2           M10A, W10A, M12B, W12B, yellow
TD3           M12A, W12A, M14B, W14B, orange
TD4           M14A, W14A, M16B, W16B, light green
TD5           M16A, W16A, M18S/L, W18S/L, all adult age categories and green

Badge Times:

 6 Day Badge Standards. 

The points required for the Scottish 6 days Badge Standards are as follow:
Gold (equal or less than) N x 0.8
Silver (equal or less than) N x 1.6
Bronze (equal or less than) N x 2.4
N is the number of people actively competing in the class.
If someone does not run( DNS, DNF or mis-punch then their points will be calculated as maximum number of entries +10% rounded up to the nearest 10.

All badges will be available for £3 each from the Information Point at the event subject to availability.


There will be a free string and off string course available each day. It would be very helpful if you could pre-register (via the online entry form) the name and date of birth of any child in your group who might take part on the String Course; this information is required for insurance reasons.


 SPORTident electronic punching will be used.

Daily Charges per course

Age Class Courses

Colour Coded Courses

Entry Date




Entry Date


All Competitors

1st Dec – 31st Jan 2013



Fixed fee for all entry dates 1/12/12



White, Yellow


1st Feb – 30th Apr 2013



Orange, Light Green


1st May – 30th June 2013





All entries after June 30th and EOD



Late Entries

All Courses

+£1 to above

Sprint Event (rest day):

Senior £7, Junior £4. Fees for Entry on the day will be £8/£5

TrailO (rest day):

Seniors £6, juniors £3. Fees for Entry on the day will be £9/£3.

Radio O (rest day):

Seniors £7, juniors £3

Large Vehicles:

If you are intending to bring a campervan, mini bus or large bus to the events please let us know by emailing . Under normal conditions it should be possible for campervans to use the same parking fields/areas as other vehicles.  In the event of adverse weather conditions alternative arrangements, which could involve bussing, will have to be made and competitors will be advised through the event website and other channels as appropriate e.g. newsletter


If you know you would like to run at the 6-days but are unsure whether you might be selected for Euromeeting, please enter the 6-days as normal at this stage. If, after entering the 6 Days, you are selected to compete in the Euromeeting event please contact us at  to arrange a full refund for days 4, 6 and the sprint event which form part of this event - you will be re-entered via your team manager and your entry fees for these days are covered in the Euromeeting entry. The entry fees for Euromeeting are on the Euromeeting page.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations before the closing date of 30th June will be given a full refund less an administration charge of £2 per day. Competitors may only cancel their entry while the event itself has not been curtailed or cancelled. Cancellations between 1st Jul - 17th July inclusive will be given a 50% refund. We regret that no refunds will be possible after this date. You can also donate your cancelled entry fee (without any deductions) to our chosen charity, the Highland Hospice. Email  if you wish to cancel your entry. In the case of event cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fees. Any cancellation of camping or bus bookings will incur a 50% administration charge with effect from 1st May 2013. Cancellations after the 1st July will not be eligible for a refund.

Charges for changes to age class or start time: Entry changes can only be accepted until midday on Friday 19th July.

After this date, changes can be made at the registration day at Applegrove school in Forres (Saturday 27th July, 2pm to 6pm) or at each event. A charge will be made for all changes except change to Si card number. £4 for one change, £8 for two changes, £10 for three of more changes (changing class and/or start time counts as one change for each day changed, so to change every day would be £10); Bib reissue - £4; Si card change - free; Colour coded course change - free; Age class to colour coded course change - free; Colour coded course to Age class course change - charge difference in entry fee. Charges apply per individual entry. Juniors will be charged half the senior rate for changes. No refunds will be given at EOD, claims for a good reason can be written down and passed to the treasurer to deal with at his discretion.

The charges for changes policy will be in effect from Sunday 14th July as this is the last day changes can be made to bibs before printing.

Postal entry

A paper copy of the entry form can be requested by writing from the 1st of December 2012. Any entry enquiries and requests for paper entry forms can be sent to .

Adrian Will,
6 Bogbeth Road,
AB51 5RJ

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