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What is the entry fee?

See the entries page for full details of age class and colour coded entry fee

How do I amend the class and other details of an existing entry? 

Entry changes can only be accepted until midday on Friday 19th July. After this date, changes can be made at the registration day at Applegrove school in Forres (Saturday 27th July, 2pm to 6pm) or at each event. A charge will be made for all changes except change to Si card number. Please send an e-mail to detailing what you wish to amend

Will there be any entry on the day (EOD)? 

EOD will be available for colour coded courses. EOD for age classes will ONLY be available if there are unused start times and maps are available.

Can I cancel my entry and get a refund? 

See the cancellation policy on the entries page.

Can I use my SI-8, SI-9, SI-10 or SI-11 card? 

Yes, all our SI units have the latest software for SI-8, SI-9, SI-10 and SI-11 cards. Please note: The M21E course on Day 6 has 33 controls. This is above the capacity of both SI 5 card and SI 8 card. If you have one of these cards you will need to hire a different one for day 6.

 Is there a rest day? 

Yes, on Wednesday 31st July – there will be no competition although other orienteering related activities are planned, these can be found on the competition days page.

What are the start times each day?

Starts are 10am to 2pm with courses closing at 4.30pm

Will there be a bus to each competition day? 

A bus will run from the event centre to each of the 6 days of competition. Further details can be found on the campsite page.

What facilities will the campsite have for caravans/campervans?

Details can be found on the campsite page.

What facilities will the campsite have?

Details can be found on the campsite page.

What catering facilities will the campsite have?

Details can be found on the campsite page.

Who does a trader contact for more information?


When will the campsite open/close?

The campsite will include nights from Friday 26th July to Sunday 4th August (departing Monday).

Will there be a creche/kindergarten provided for children? 

No, however it is possible for parents to request split starts.

What courses will be provided for young children? 

There will be non-competitive (i.e. not timed) string course and off-string course provided each day for young children, using special maps. The course will be available between 10:00 and 15:00. There will be no charge.

Is there mobile phone reception?

This can be variable between each of the competition areas and depending on your phone network.

Will you be holding the traditional 5-a-side football tournament? 

This will be hosted by the Forres Soccer Sevens club who will be co-ordinating the entries. More information on the Moray 2013 Soccer 7s page.

Will there be traders at the event where I can buy equipment?

Yes there will be several traders who supply equipment, this will be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your o-kit. See the list

Will dogs be allowed in assembly areas? 

There is a page of information for dog owners that contains all the answers.

Will start times be allocated for colour coded competitors?

Start times will not be allocated to colour coded competitors.  They can start at any time between 10am and 2pm.

Will there be bags and pins available at registration?

Yes, bags are being donated by Lidls of Forres. Pins will be available to buy. All proceeds go to charity.

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