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Charlotte Watson, Credit:ActivNorth

Wednesday Jul 31

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Chris Spencer, ActivNorth

The sprint will be the first of three races comprising the international "Euromeeting".
The competition area is the intricate housing estate of Boyd Anderson Drive, the Sunbank Park quarry area and the grounds of Lossie High School.

Event information

Euromeeting start times are from 13.25 to 14.37. Open race start times are from 15.00 to 19.00

More info about Euromeeting

There will be 3 courses:
1) Men (urban) : c. 3k
2) Women (urban): c. 2.5k
3) Junior and overflow (non-urban) 2.5k

There will be very limited Entry On Day for course 2 (women only)  and approximately 100 EOD maps for Course 3. Registration for EOD will open at c.15.00. EOD costs £8 adult, £5 Junior.

There will also be a Score course suitable for younger juniors and beginners (cost £4). All profits will go to the Scottish Elite Development Squad (SEDS) and the Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad (ScotJOS)

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Nearest town: Lossimouth
Postcode: IV31 6QJ
Grid Ref: NJ228699
Latitude: 57.713129
Longitude: -3.297385
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Bing Map (OS)

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