Bib and Programme Collection

Collecting bibs, car parking passes, programmes & bus passes at Highland 2015

We're sure that you're looking forward to a very exciting week of orienteering at Highland 2015. We've had a record entry for the 6 Days and together with the World Championships we expect to have over 6000 competitors, volunteers, spectators and officials involved in the event so it looks like surpassing all expectations.

As you'll appreciate this is stretching our team of hard working volunteers and with over 5,000 competitors, there may be long queues to collect bibs on Day 1 at Achagour. While it will be possible to collect them then we cannot guarantee that you will make your start times, and owing to the pressure of numbers there may be very long waits to get a Punching Start.

So please, if you can, collect your bib, coaster, programme, car parking pass, programme and any other pre-ordered items from the Event Centre on Saturday 1st August. It would also help the entries team if you could have your Entry Number ready.

Bib Collection at Highland 2015 - printable/downloadable version of most of this information.

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Nearest town: Eden Court, Bishops Road, Inverness

If you are arriving from the south on the A9 please take the turnoff onto the A82 - the Event Centre will be signposted from here. Alternative routes through Inverness city centre will be very busy and difficult to follow. The Event Centre will be open on Saturday 1st August from 12:00 to 20:00.

Event Centre - Eden Court

Eden Court

Eden Court

Eden Court Theatre is a large theatre, cinema and arts venue situated close to the banks of the River Ness and is a great location to meet up with orienteering friends. Traders will be present, as well as Ashers Bakery who will be selling whisky cakes and kilted gingerbread men! Eden Court has a great cafe and will also be putting on a very reasonably priced BBQ for the 6 Days from 12:00 to 20:00 (providing there is continued interest in food). Items on the menu include:

BBQ ribs
Venison burgers
Beef burgers
Seafood kebabs
Falafel burgers!
Marinated rump steaks
Lime and coriander chicken pieces
   All £5.00 each

Cans of juice and bottles of water @ £1.00 each
Tea @ £1.50 each
Coffee @ £2.00 each

To make their service efficient Eden Court can only accept cash. And with so many people coming we cannot sell tickets for this so why not try to arrive early. This means that you can then head on to Nairn for the WOC Sprint Relay and maybe catch the Nairn Show. Nairn will be a very busy place on this Saturday and we encourage you to arrive as early as possible in the afternoon. The spectator car park opens at 14:00 and there are many local facilities to enjoy, including the beach. Have a look at the themed shop-window displays.

Event Centre Opening Times

Saturday 1 August: 12:00 to 20:00 - Information, help, bibs, tickets, merchandise (including pre-ordered), training maps (including pre-ordered). Entries 12:00 to 18:00.

Sunday 2 August: 18:30 to 20:00 - Information, help, bibs, merchandise, training maps.

Thereafter, bibs etc will be available for collection from the Information tent at each day's Race Arena.

Event Programme

2015 Event Programme - designed for A2 paper. This file is 4.2MB, it is intended for viewing, not printing.



We are also keen to encourage use of public transport for the Nairn event, so for those of you who have not bought the bus package, Stagecoach have agreed to duplicate their services from Inverness Bus Station to Nairn at 1515 and 1545. There will also be suitably timed return buses. There are also trains from Inverness to Nairn. Scotrail train timetable.

If you are using the event bus transport you will need a bus pass. This can be collected with your bib and programme and MUST be collected at the Event Centre as you will need it to travel on the bus. If you cannot collect your bus pass on Saturday or Sunday, you will be able to get it from the WOC office in the Event Centre on Monday.

Please note that there are two bus times, called BUS1 and BUS2. These are linked to your start times so please make sure you get the correct bus.

Buses will run from the Campsite and Event Centre. A full timetable for the buses will be posted on the event website. Timetable here.

Event buses will be available for those competitors who have bought the bus package, and wish to spectate at the Sprint Relay.

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