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Day 4 - Daily Digest

What a fantastic area we all ran on today.  We were under a lot of pressure with the overnight rain which made driving over the end of the trackway a bit hazardous.  Too high for some low slung vehicles.  We had always planned to use the WOC Relay area but we ran back into the field where they ran out.  The crossing point was very obvious, as the estate had to take out a 150 foot high beech tree suffering from a fungal disease that can cause sudden collapse.  I hope you enjoyed yet another bridge – not a 36 metre floating one but a springy 6 metre ditch crossing on the green and white start.  One more bridge to go!

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Day 4: Darnaway

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Day 4 Daily Digest

Nessie News

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Nessie News - Day 4

Competitors at the Scottish 6 Days must follow the official direction signs in from the north of Darnaway. The entrance via Redstone on clearly signposted Private Roads is Out of Bounds. Do not rely on your SatNav if travelling from the south – read a map and follow routes around to Forres or Nairn.

PDF download of Nessie News for Day 4

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Road Works in Nairn

We've had reports of significant roadworks in Nairn that will affect travel during the Darnaway days (4th, 5th & 6th August, i.e O-Fest, Day 3 & Day 4). Please allow extra time for your journey if you are travelling through Nairn on your way to Darnaway.

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Highland 2015 Bus Timetable

Important note for all Main Competition days

Bus passengers have been allocated one of two groups, called “BUS1” and “BUS2”. Because space is limited, it is essential that you travel at the correct bus time for your group. Your bus ticket will show which group you are in. On some days, BUS2 is earlier than BUS1.

Buses will run from the Campsite (Bught Park) and the Event Centre (Eden Court). The stop for Eden Court is on the south side of the theatre, on Bishop’s Road.

Bus passengers should collect a copy of the daily newsletter from a box at the door of the Competitor Shelter in the arena.  There is one copy per family or group.

We are afraid that there are now no more bus passes available to purchase for travel to and from the events. The full capacity of buses has now been reached with those  competitors who pre-booked through the on-line booking system.

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Competition Information

General competition information, including courses, shadowing, start times, scoring, electronic punching, clothing, taping.

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Race Arenas

Facilities at the Race Arena each day.

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