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Day 5: Glen Affric

Day 5 Final results

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Due to a synchronisation discrepancy of 7 seconds in the finish units on Day 5, the final timings of all affected competitors were corrected overnight.

Daily Digest

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Nessie News

A big thank you to all the last minute volunteers who helped us on Day 5. We could not have done it without you. Especially the people who had to man a gate in case the cows escaped and never saw a cow all day.

Gareth and David (Day 5 Organisers)

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Information Update for Day 6, Sat 8th August

Day 6 Parking

Thank you to everyone who made Day 5's parking so successful, especially the last minute volunteers. We could not have managed this without you. I hope you enjoyed a great final day of the World Championships, that you didn't find today's courses too tough and that you are looking forward to running on the World Championships area on Saturday.

Please could you aim to arrive at Tomich about 90 minutes before your start time.

The plan for Saturday's parking is similar to Friday, although we have been asked to reduce the number of vehicles using the south side of the glen, and make more use of the parking at the Tomich Hotel.

- We plan to park the majority of cars in the arena car park.
- Campervans will be directed to the same car park as today.
- 4x4 cars will be directed to the south side, possibly using the campervan car park.
- We will probably park single occupancy cars at Tomich Hotel, and ask you to get a lift to the arena from other orienteers.

Traders & caterers will be similar to Friday.

As Friday, please obey marshals, pace your arrival and be patient if we have problems.


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Day 5 - Daily Digest

WOC is finally over and I hope it is recognised that without the Scottish 6 Days it could not have happened.  I can breathe a sigh of relief as Assistant Director that at least WOC has been the great success we had all wished for.  Thierry “King of the Forest (and Mountain)” again.  Today’s report must give a special mention to the S6D Event Coordinator Richard Oxlade – along with the day organisers, farmer Willie Birnie and landowner Donald Fraser at Guisachan, Richard helped pull together a cunning plan that allowed everyone in and everyone out of the Day 5 race arena.

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Nessie News - Day 5

PDF download of Nessie News for Day 5

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Highland 2015 Bus Timetable

Important note for all Main Competition days

Bus passengers have been allocated one of two groups, called “BUS1” and “BUS2”. Because space is limited, it is essential that you travel at the correct bus time for your group. Your bus ticket will show which group you are in. On some days, BUS2 is earlier than BUS1.

Buses will run from the Campsite (Bught Park) and the Event Centre (Eden Court). The stop for Eden Court is on the south side of the theatre, on Bishop’s Road.

Bus passengers should collect a copy of the daily newsletter from a box at the door of the Competitor Shelter in the arena.  There is one copy per family or group.

We are afraid that there are now no more bus passes available to purchase for travel to and from the events. The full capacity of buses has now been reached with those  competitors who pre-booked through the on-line booking system.

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Competition Information

General competition information, including courses, shadowing, start times, scoring, electronic punching, clothing, taping.

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Race Arenas

Facilities at the Race Arena each day.

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