Central Organising Team

This is a list of the key roles for 2015; there are many other volunteers. For details of day officials, see the entry for each competition day.

Last edited: 20th May

Role Name Club
Co-ordinator Richard Oxlade GRAMP
Assistant Co-ordinator Colin Matheson MOR
6-Day Company Director Lindsey Knox RR
Finance / Treasurer Kevin Reynard GRAMP
Mapping Co-ordinator Clive Masson BAOC/ESOC
Technical Co-ordinator Dave Kershaw ESOC
Day Co-ordinator

Margaret Dalgleish

Rest Day Co-ordinator Anne Hickling GRAMP
Equipment Les Dalgleish ESOC
Marketing & local publicity Kirsteen Kershaw ESOC
Website information Sally Lindsay / Helen Rowlands ESOC / GRAMP
Website developer Paul Frost BASOC
Sponsorship Colin Matheson MOR
Information Anne Thom ESOC
Newsletter Janice Nisbet / Brian Yates ESOC
Event Centre

Colin Matheson


Robert Hicks

Entries Simon Firth / Dave Nicol ESOC / FVO
Commentary Colin Matheson MOR
Computer Co-ordinator Robert Findlay ESOC
Programme Lindsey Knox RR
Bus Dave Summers INVOC
Police liaison & road signs Colin Matheson MOR
Prizes Maureen Brown ESOC
Merchandise Mary Williams ESOC
String Course Co-ordinator Judy Bell ESOC
Traders Anne Hoy GRAMP
Traders Jayne MacGregor GRAMP
Social Programme Joan Noble INVOC

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