Day 6: Glen Affric

Glen Affric map

Glen Affric map

Saturday 8th August

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Please read important information about parking at Glen Affric.

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Nearest town: Tomich

Glen Affric has been used for previous WOC and Scottish 6 Days events and is one the best examples of the Caledonian Forest that once covered much of Scotland.

Glen Affric is commonly agreed to be one of the finest of Scotland’s glens.

Two distinct parts of the area are being used for the event, separated by the river Abhainn Deabhag. A permanent footbridge across the river has been constructed, with assistance from the Royal Engineers, and a temporary footbridge into the arena is also being built. The maps of each part of the area have been extended to give access to new terrain not used before for orienteering.

The forest areas are predominantly owned by Forestry Commission Scotland.

Organising clubs: Loch Eck Orienteers (ECKO), Tayside Orienteers (TAY), Ayrshire Orienteering Club (AYROC), Tinto Orienteering Club (TINTO), Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC)

Day Organisers: Carol Burnapp (ECKO), Elaine Gillies (TAY)
Planners: Andrew Armstrong (RR), Ross Lilley (ECKO)
Assistant Controller: Ian Pyrah (ESOC)
Controller: Trevor Hoey (FVO)

Travel: Please follow these travel directions to reach the event. There may be other possible routes but this is the route agreed with local police and other relevant official bodies.

From Inverness, follow A82 for 14 miles alongside Loch Ness, to Drumnadrochit. Turn R on A831, 12 miles to Cannich. Follow minor road and tracks (O signs) 5 miles to Tomich and Wester Knockfin. 
Last arrival by 12:00. No Exit before 12:30.

Distances between locations

Distances between locations

Parking and Race Arena: Final 3km along narrow gravel track. Main car park is adjacent to Race Arena. Bus parking is a 500m walk from the Arena. Overflow car parking, if required, is a 2km walk from the Arena. All Day 6 Starts can only be accessed from the Arena/main car parking field.

Starts: There are 3 Starts. The White Start is across rough grassland. The route to Green and Red/Blue goes through the forest and is steep in places. For the Red/Blue Start, continue past the Green Start along a forestry track. None of the Starts are accessible by buggies. Routes to the Starts are about 300m shorter if leaving directly from Parking.

Elite: Day 6 is a Classic race for M/W21E, with a reverse order start. Estimated Leading Times are 90 min (M21E) and 75 min (W21E). See Competition Information for further details about the Elite start order.

Map: Stirling Surveys, April 2015, as used for WOC Long Distance final.

Terrain: A classic landscape of small lochs and a wonderful mix of pine, birch and oak trees. The woodland is one of the best examples of the Caledonian Forest that once covered much of Scotland. The terrain is hilly but generally there is good runnability throughout the area. There is localised deep heather, very little bracken and few paths or tracks in the area. There are areas of dense bracken marked by vertical green stripes, but courses have been planned to avoid these. TD1-3 courses are entirely within an open area, containing isolated groups of trees, which has one major track and several fences as line features on the courses.

String course: Adjacent to the parking field and accessed from the route to the Starts. Not suitable for buggies. Parents should be aware that there is a stream in the String course area.

Safety Information: All routes to the Starts cross the track used by event vehicles. This will be marshalled.

Special Information: Some courses are not using their usual start colours. Courses 5, 6 and 7 will leave from the GREEN start. Courses 14, 16 and 17 will leave from the RED/BLUE start.


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Glen Affric map

Glen Affric map (Full size)

Glen Affric map extract

Glen Affric map extract (Full size)




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