Courses available and how to enter

Pre-entry closed at midnight on Tuesday 30 June. Entry will be available at the event for Colour coded courses; for Age class courses it will only be possible if there are start slots and maps available.

If you have already entered the competition, you can amend your entry to add further options.

Edit entries & Entry List

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Entry Fees

The fees shown below are per day, for the main 6-Days events. 

Age Class Courses Colour Coded Courses
Entry Date Seniors



Entry Date Course All Competitors

1 Dec 2014

- 7 Feb 2015

£15 £5

Fixed fee

from 1 Dec

2014 to

30 Jun 2015





8 Feb 2015

- 30 Apr 2015

£16 £6


Light Green


1 May 2015

- 30 Jun 2015

£17 £6 Green £10
Entry at Event £18.50 £6 Entry at Event All Courses +£1 to above


SI card hire

There will be a charge of £2 per day (including the Sprint races) to hire an SI card. The charge for a lost SI card is £30.

Event options still available

If you have already entered the competition, you can log in to SiEntries and edit your entry to add any of the following options, which will be available until 19 July (unless fully booked):


Inevitably costs are forecast to be higher this year; we felt that it was fairer to charge separately for parking, as this isn’t used by everyone, and a separate parking charge will encourage car sharing.
There will be a £3 parking charge each day, including the Rest Day (Highland O-Fest). This will apply to cars, minibuses and motorhomes.
A ticket covering all seven days is available at £15.
The charge for buses will be £50 per week.


A full range of age classes is available, from M/W10 to M/W85.
White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green courses are available for less experienced or casual orienteers, and will provide courses at Technical Difficulty (TD) levels 1 - 5, where TD1 is the easiest.

TD1 - M/W10B, White

TD2 - M/W10A, M/W12B, Yellow

TD3 - M/W12A, M/W14B, Orange

TD4 - M/W14A, M/W16B, Light Green

TD5 - M/W16A, Green

TD5 - M/W18, M/W20 - both Long & Short

TD5 - M/W21 - Elite, Long and Short

TD5 - M/W35, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55 - all Long and Short

TD5 - M/W60, M/W65, M/W70, M/W75 - all Long and Short

TD5 - M/W80, M/W85

Course information

Expected leading times for A/L classes (except Day 3 for TD4/5 classes) are:

Junior Senior
M/W10A 20 mins M80L+, W70L+ 40 mins
M/W12A 25 mins M75L, W65L 45 mins
M/W14A 30 mins M55-70L, W35-60L 50 mins
M/W16A 45 mins M18L, W18L, W20L 50 mins
    M20L, M35-50L 55 mins

For M/W21E, the expected leading time is 60 minutes, except for the Classic race (Day 6), which has expected leading times of 90 minutes (M) and 75 minutes (W).

For Day 3, TD4/5 classes (i.e. M/W14A upwards) will have a Middle Distance race with an expected leading time of 30 – 35 minutes.

Course lengths will vary from day to day, depending on the area.

For Senior Short (S) classes, except M/W 21S, lengths are approximately 2/3 x Long (L) courses.
For M/W21S, the length is set at 60% x Elite (standard 60 minute course). 
For M/W21L, the length is set at 80% x Elite (standard 60 minute course).

For Junior B classes, the course is the same as the A course for the age class below (e.g. M14B will run the same course as M12A).

Entry at the Event

For entry during the 6-Days event, go to the Entries point at the Event Centre on 1 August, or to the Entries tent on competition days (see below for opening hours). You will need to complete an entry form at the front desk. Members of British Orienteering should have with them a record of their membership number, unless they are using an SI card which has been registered in their name.

Entry to Colour Coded courses will be available for each day individually or for several days at a time (with a small reduction in entry fee if entering all 6 days together). Colour coded competitors should keep the same bib throughout the 6-Days competition, even if entering only one day at a time.

Entry to Age class courses will only be possible if there are start slots and maps available.

Changes to existing entries may be made (if start slots and maps allow), and replacement bibs can be issued. Charges are as follows:

change fee
Age class or Start time

1 change: £4; 2 changes: £8; 3 or more changes: £10

NB: Changing class and/or start time counts as one change for each day changed.

Bib reissue £4 (free for Colour coded courses)
SI card number Free (unless hiring a card: £2 per day)
Colour coded course Difference in entry fee (if new course costs more)
Age class course to Colour coded course Free
Colour coded course to Age class course Difference in entry fee

Charges apply per individual entry. Juniors will be charged half the senior rate for changes.  
Payments can be accepted in cash or Sterling cheques only.

No refunds will be given at the Entries desk; claims for a good reason can be made in writing and will be passed to the treasurer to deal with at his discretion.

Entries point

The Entries point will be open at the 6-Days as follows:

  • Saturday 1 August (at Event Centre): 12:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday 2 August, Monday 3 August (at Days 1 and 2 Race Arenas): 9:00 to 13:00
  • Wednesday 5 August, Thursday 6 August (at Days 3 and 4 Race Arenas): 9:00 to 13:00
  • Friday 7 August (at Day 5 Race Arena): 9:00 to 12:30 - note earlier closing time in view of the long walk to the start
  • Saturday 8 August (at Day 6 Race Arena): 9:00 to 13:00 ​

NB: There will be no Entries point at either Sprint race.

Spectating at WOC

We appreciate that many competitors will want to spectate at the World Orienteering Championships. In order to get a start time which will allow you to see the best of the WOC races, put WOCSPEC in the "Club for Entry Block" space on the entry form. You will be then allocated to an appropriate start block. It is expected that this will be popular, so allocations will be done on a first-come-first-served basis.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before the closing date of 30 June 2015 will be given a full refund, less an administration charge of £2 per day. Competitors may only cancel their entry if the event itself has not been curtailed or cancelled. Cancellations between 1 and 17 July 2015 inclusive will be given a 50% refund. We regret that no refunds will be possible after this date.
You can also donate your cancelled entry fee (without any deductions) to a local charity. 
Email  if you wish to cancel your entry.
In the case of event cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fees.
Any cancellation of camping or bus bookings will incur a 50% administration charge, with effect from 1 May 2015. Cancellations of camping or bus bookings after 1 July 2015 will not be eligible for a refund.


Please note that under the terms of the British Orienteering public liability insurance policy, non-members of British Orienteering are covered for public liability for three events only.  After three events, non-members participate at their own risk (although many may already be covered by public liability cover from other insurances, such as their own national federation’s insurance cover).

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