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Will it be possible to enter at the event? 

Entry at the event will be available for Colour coded courses. Entry at the event will only be available for Age class courses if there are unused start times and maps are available. See the Entry Info page for further details.
There is no entry for either Sprint race after the closing date.

Where do I get my bib?

Bibs can be collected from the Event Centre on 1 or 2 August, or from the Information tent on competition days. See this item for further details. Don't forget pins for your bib!  If you do, we can supply some, and hope you’ll make a donation to charity in return.

What should I do if I lose my bib?

Replacement bibs will be available at the Entries tent on competition days. (All competitors must wear bibs on all courses.) See the Entry Info page for further details.

Is there a rest day? 

Yes, on Tuesday 4 August – the Highland O-Fest will offer a wide choice of activities at Darnaway. See the Highland O-Fest page for more details.
There will also be an Open Sprint Race in Forres.

Will there be social events in the evenings?

Yes; see this item for details of the social programme.

What are the start times each day?

Starts are from 9:45 to 14:15, but may be extended if entry numbers warrant it. Courses close at 16:30. 

Will start times be allocated for competitors on Colour coded courses?

Start times will not be allocated for Colour coded courses. Competitors can start at any time between 9:45 and 14:15. 

How far is it to the Start?

See the Competition Info page for details of which Start you should go to, and also distances from car parking to the Race Arena, Race Arena to Starts, and Finish to Race Arena each day.

How can I request start times that will allow me to spectate at the WOC races?

Put WOCSPEC in the "Club for Entry Block" space on the entry form, then you will be allocated to an appropriate start block. It is expected that this will be popular, so allocations will be done on a first-come-first-served basis.

Will WOC maps be available?

WOC maps, start lists and results will be on sale as soon as available, at Information.

What happens if online entries exceed the course limit?

If entries on a course reach the limit, the option to enter will not be available. Instead, a Waiting List option will appear – select this to join the waiting list. No payment is made at this point. If someone subsequently withdraws, then the first person on the waiting list is invited to enter, and is given 3 days to reply. If they do not enter within that period, the next person on the waiting list is invited to enter.

What should I do if I need to cancel my entry?

Email  if you wish to cancel your entry. See the Entry Info page for the Cancellation Policy.

What should I do if I need to change my entry?

Changes to existing entries may be made (if start slots and maps allow) - go to the Entries point at the Event Centre on 1 August, or to the Entries tent on competition days. See the Entry Info page for further details.

Will there be a bus to each competition day? 

We will be organising buses from the Event Centre (Eden Court) and Event Campsite (Bught Park) to all race venues, including WOC competitions. See the Travel Information page for more details.

Will transport be provided for club tents?

Yes – see this item for more details. 

What catering facilities will the campsite have?

Plans for the provision of food and drink are being developed and further information will be made available later. Further details of campsite facilities can be found on the Campsite page.

Can I camp in the Race Arena or parking field?

No – this is not permitted. 

Will there be a creche/kindergarten provided for children? 

Unfortunately not; however, it is possible for parents to request split starts.

What courses will be provided for young children? 

There will be non-competitive (i.e. times are not recorded) String and Off-String courses provided each day for young children, using special maps. See the Competition Information page for details.

Is there mobile phone reception?

This can vary greatly between the competition areas, and depends on your phone network.

Will there be souvenir merchandise?

A range of souvenir clothing is available. Pre-order is now closed. A limited selection will be on sale during the event, at the Event Centre or the Merchandise tent – see this item for full details.

Will there be traders at the event where I can buy equipment?

Yes there will be several traders who supply equipment; this will be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your o-kit.

Who does a trader contact for more information?


Are dogs allowed at the events?

See this news item for information about dogs at events.

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