IOF Seminars in Inverness

The IOF Foot Orienteering Commission (FOC) invites you to attend two exciting seminars ...

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Open Forum

Monday 3 August 16:45–19:00 
An opportunity to meet with the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission, to learn more about the Commission’s work and to ask questions.

Course Setting Seminar

Tuesday 4 August 17:45–20:00
This will focus on specific considerations related to course setting for long and middle distance events, such as how to select suitable terrain and set high-quality courses for the specific formats.


Both seminars take place in the Millburn Room, Thistle Hotel, Inverness and are open to all interested participants. Anyone who doesn’t register by the deadline of Friday 24 July 2015 may turn up on the day instead. More information about the seminars is available on the IOF website here.

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