Nessie News - Day 2

Welcome to Strathfarrar, Monday 3rd August

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Information for Day 2

Event Programme and website information remains valid, and is not repeated here. Additional final details are given below.

Distances between Locations

Distances between Locations

N Side (Culligran): Red/Blue Start courses only
The wide stream on the W of the map (‘Neaty Burn’) runs E then SE down to the River Farrar. It is crossed and re-crossed by courses C37 to C41. Crossing can be made at all flatter areas shown, but all deep ravines and gorges, shown by adjacent cliff symbols, are dangerous and must be avoided.


  1. Wide and narrow green vegetation screens show significant areas of bracken as in August 2014. Use for general guidance only; they may not be as accurate for 2015 growth.
  2. All power lines have been omitted from the map.
  3. Blue x  =  Covered water tank.

River Crossing
All Red and Blue courses cross the river at a temporary pontoon bridge. This is a marked and mandatory crossing point, and must be used. The bridge leads directly onto a steep 5m bank on the S side. The crossing will be very busy with 3,000+ runners: competitors should keep moving over the bridge and up the bank without stopping (despite the delightful setting!) to avoid any bottlenecks developing.

S. Side (Struy): Green/White Start and all courses
The lower hillside slopes contain a series of level longitudinal marshes, known collectively as Mosaics. These are sensitive habitats, with some deep pools, and significant bog myrtle. Competitors should avoid running through or along these marshes. They give slower running than the contoured dry ground between them, and courses have been designed to minimise the need to cross them. If you must, then cross at the narrowest points, using firm ground where possible. Higher on the hillside, all natural sloping watercourses and marshes are fully crossable, as is the final flat marsh approaching the Finish arena.


  1. The high fence symbol (with double tag lines) is used for deer fences. These must only be crossed at the designated crossing points shown on the map.
  2. A red (magenta) high fence symbol marks a ‘planned fence’ bordering the Finish arena that was expected to be constructed by now. However, this fence is not in place, so the symbol should be ignored.  The area enclosed by the symbol is OOB; courses do not pass within it.
  3. Black x  =  Man-made object.

Courses 1,2,8,9 (TD1 & 2)
With few paths on Struy, Courses 1, 2, 8 & 9 predominantly follow fences; some are ruined.  Underfoot conditions are rough in places.  One section of taped route uses white streamers, indicated in the control descriptions, and occasional white streamers are used in other places to highlight the ruined fence.  "Smiley faces" are also used in one or two places for further guidance.  Courses 2 & 9 have one control that is visited twice, which introduces a loop into the course, bringing it up to a reasonable length. 

Special  Information

  • TICKS -  Ticks are around - early removal prevents disease.
  • DOGS - Dogs in car parks ONLY.  NOT in Arenas please.
  • Extra enjoyment on the hill? Can you help collect controls? If so please go to Information at 4pm


Deepest thanks go to the landowners: Frank Spencer-Nairn of Culligran, Mike Spencer-Nairn of Struy, and their staff, who have all been extremely helpful to us in preparation of the area.

Thanks to the ‘keeper of the gate’, Maureen Barr, who  has worked long hours to enable access to the glen for our team and the public.

Thank you to Della Moir, landlady of Rosebank B &B in Beauly for her continual support in providing storage of equipment and procurement and cutting of canes.

Thanks also go to the bracken reduction team for their work in June: Colin Matheson, John and Bob Fletcher, Les and Margaret Dalgleish, Janette MacLeod, Hilary Quick, Jane and Alan Halliday, and Ian Searle.

Finally, thanks to the Forestry Commission, and to Walkers for today’s String prizes.

Day 2


About Strathfarrar and  Beauly

Glen Strathfarrar is one of Scotland’s most private and beautiful glens. It stretches for 25 km westwards from Struy alongside the river Farrar, with five private hunting and fishing estates and three hydro-electric schemes. Unusually, the name comprises both a Glen (a valley that is typically narrow and deep) and a Strath (a river valley that is wide and shallow). Mountains surround the Glen. Four Munros (3000ft+ mountains) on each of the north and south sides give glorious ridge walking, with views extending to the Torridon hills in the north and Ben Nevis in the south. If you get the chance to visit again sometime, the drive along the private road through the glen is very beautiful. Our event uses the two eastern estates: Culligran on the N side and Struy on the S side. The owners of Culligran provide self-catering holidays, see, and have a new private hydro scheme above the stream on the competition map, with the delightful company name of Torrential Potential!

Beauly is famous for its medieval abbey church of Beauly Priory, founded by a French monastic order around 1230. They named the location and river as “beau lieu” [beautiful place]. The extensive ruins are a major visitor attraction, managed by Historic Scotland.  The town has many amenities: petrol station, laundrette, shops and cafes,  and a good Co-Op store. Restaurants include the Lovat Arms and Priory hotels, Indian and Chinese, and the inevitable fish & chip shop called...the Friary(!), open till 9 pm. All are well worth a visit.

Celebrations and Congratulations

Congratulations to David and Mary Nixon (SOC) on their 41st Wedding Anniversary today. They have attended every 6 Day since the start and this year are here with their sons Mark (FVO) and Ian (AIRE) plus daughter-in-law Jess and granddaughter Bronte.

Pat and Richard Aspinall of EPOC on Tuesday celebrate Fifty years together.

Happy Birthday to Juliet Bentley of SROC. And to William Humphrey of ESOC. Jack Beavers will be 7 tomorrow.

Congratulations to Jamie Atkins attending his first ever 6 days at only 11 weeks old.

Prize Quiz

The Scottish Junior Squad (ScotJOS) are organising a 6-Days quiz to raise funds for squad activities.  Copies of the quiz can be obtained from ScotJOS members and cost £1 per copy, Hand in on Day 5

Social Tonight  Monday -  ‘Spirit of the North’


Things to Do on Tuesday

Forres Open Sprint race
Event Centre: Forres Football/Bowling Clubhouse, Grant Park IV36 1DF(OS grid ref NJ040590).
Car Park: Grant Park Football playing field (entry at OS grid ref NJ039588 from South Street) maximum distance to the Event Centre 500m.

Forres Golf Club are delighted to offer a special 50%  off to participants in the  Scottish 6 Days​. phone 01309 672250

Highland O-Fest
Darnaway 11:00 - 17:00
An orienteering fun day running alongside the WOC Middle Distance race.  See Day 3 for travel instructions.
Wristbands available from Information during the week and on the day – adults £10, juniors/students £3, under-8’s free. Show your wristband for free entry to climbing wall, water balls, field archery, maze, disc golf, mountain bike skills and more. Naughty numbers, quizzes, competitions for children, Food Fair and Craft Fair.

Try TrailO – 0.9km walk along private road from the Arena and MTBO - 3km from the Arena.

Information for Day 3

Darnaway (Wednesday)  IV36 2SW.
From Inverness follow A96 for 23 miles through Nairn and just beyond Brodie.
Turn R onto minor road signed Whitemire/Conicavel.  Follow O signs onto tracks to parking field which itself has a special single lane trackway.
Arrival by 12:30. No Exit before 12:30. Due to wet weather there will be ONE WAY working 12:30 to 14:30 15 mins outbound traffic – 15 minutes inbound traffic.

Day 3

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