O-Fest Food Fair

Year of Food and Drink

Year of Food and Drink

The 2015 Scottish 6 days – HIGHLAND 2015 - is pleased to have Event Scotland as a sponsor and we are equally pleased to promote The Year of Food and Drink Scotland 2015 which celebrates the country’s outstanding natural larder and produce.

Event Scotland invite you to “Enjoy brilliant moments packed with regional delights and discover the landscapes, people and culture that make our food heritage so unique. Come and experience it and taste the very best Scotland has to offer.”

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Come and have a taste ...

The food fair at O-Fest will have a mouth-watering selection of local produce and some of the regular 'day' traders too.

Devenick Cheeses and Dr Chris Fenn (Aberdeen)

We produce a special range of hand-made cheeses. We use a mixture of our own Friesian and Jersey cows milk which gives us a higher butterfat level so our product has a richer taste. Richard is our head cheese maker on the farm and he uses traditional recipes and methods to create the different characteristics of each cheese. We use vegetarian rennet and traditional cultures with all our cheeses. www.devenickdairy.co.uk

Come and try our

  • Devil’s Bite cheese – a smooth texture with an added chilli kick.
  • The Monarch cheese is our version of camembert – “affa tasty!”
  • Badentoy Blue is a soft creamy blue cheese with a gentle tang.

Dietary Analysis and Advice

What do you eat? How do you feel? Are you getting the best from your training and reaching your full potential? There are plenty of quick fix vitamins and sports drinks on the market – but these can sometimes to more harm than good. To maximise your training and recovery, get your basic eating patterns right - rather than searching for a magic food on the day of competition.

I have a PhD in nutrition and endurance exercise. I have worked with club competitors, endurance athletes, explorers and mountaineers. I can help with

  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Muscle recovery and repair
  • Preventing bloating, headaches
  • Boost energy and sleep patterns

Individual consultations, seminars, workshops for clubs and corporate events. www.chrisfenn.com

Contact Dr Chris Fenn, Nutrition Consultant .

Come and find Dr Chris Fenn at the Devenick Dairy Cheese stall.


Asher's Bakery (Nairn)

Award-winning bakers Ashers are based in Nairn where their bakery supplies 13 of their own local shops & cafes as well as local convenience stores & hotels. Their specialities are scotch pies, sausage rolls, morning rolls & butteries as well as a large range of other pies, sandwiches, bread, rolls & cakes. Further afield you might find Ashers Whisky Cakes & Liqueur Cakes throughout the UK. Ashers won the 2014 Scottish Baker of the Year Award. Visit our website and follow us on facebook.


Icicles on Tricycles (Burghead)

This fun family run business began trading in July 2014, and stocks a wide range of retro ice-lollies and locally made ice-cream. Karen Douglas is looking forward to meeting you at O-Fest.

Icicles on Tricycles is a totally unique take on a traditional ice-cream van and is great for family fun days out.

The trike always attracts a lot of attention, and we have been able to use this on several occasions to raise funds for charities, by asking for donations to sit on the trike and have your photo taken.

The trike was custom built over several years and first registered for road use in 1983. It is based on a beetle 1300 engine and is Suzuki at the front. In 2013 the trike was featured in a calendar. Follow us on facebook.


Rose Cottage Country Kitchen (Nairn)

At Rose Cottage Country Kitchen we hand make our award-winning range of home made Scottish jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes and other preserves in small batches in open pans - just as you would do for yourself.

No artificial ingredients or cheap fillers are added.

We use the finest local produce wherever possible and for those ingredients we are unable to source here in the Highlands of Scotland, such as citrus, we buy from small, independent suppliers.

Some ingredients such as rhubarb, apples, and plums are grown in the garden at Rose Cottage, although we don't have enough to keep our customers supplied year-round, so we top up from local farms.

As well as using good, old fashioned fruit-filled recipes, many of our products have been developed right here at Rose Cottage. Very berry jam, hedgerow jelly, crofters' chutney and summer fruit jam are just a few examples of recipes created by ourselves.

In addition we produce a range of tablet and fudge as well as rich fruit cakes.

Home made preserves, good, old fashioned home baking - it's real cooking from a real country kitchen! Website.


Alba Chocolate (Newtonmore)

Our handmade chocolates are special. They’ve been lovingly crafted by Gemma to make you feel good three times:

  • Once in your mouth.
  • Twice by knowing your money is making a difference. The growers of our cocoa and other Fairtrade ingredients get a fair price for their goods and money for community projects.
  • And the third time? We’ve committed to give at least 1% of our income, before profit, to the John Muir Trust. The John Muir Trust helps preserve and protect Scotland’s wild places.

Our story begins with a birthday present. Mehmet got Gemma a book and from that Gemma learned the art of the chocolatier. She also learned that she has a natural talent for chocolate and combining flavours.

Whenever our friends and family tried Gemma’s chocolates, their comments were the same: ‘you have to sell these!’ After years of hearing this, we eventually thought why not? So here we are; we know you’ll love the flavours. Visit our website and follow us on facebook.


Crazy4Cocoa (Spean Bridge)


Delicious handmade Belgian chocolates dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, egg-free and wheat-free. From the plain but delectable chocolates to the exciting soft filled delights. Catering for your everyday confectionery desires to special events and weddings. One of the aims of our business is to make tasty but affordable treats. We hope you enjoy eating them as we enjoy making them.

The benefits of eating dark chocolate….

  • Improves heart health
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Reduces the risk of stroke
  • Heightens libido
  • Eases stress
  • It’s mineral rich
  • It can help you lose weight
  • It’s good for your skin
  • Chocolate is good for the brain

Visit our website and follow us on facebook.


Seafood - See Here!

Watch out for the “Seafood – See Here!” team at O-Fest. They will be putting seafood on the map by preparing a variety of locally-sourced seafood so participants can sample some of the country’s best produce and see how easy and quick it is to cook.

Seafood – See Here! is an ambitious initiative making it easier for locals and tourists to access the wide range of top quality seafood landed across Scotland. SeafoodSeeHere.com has an interactive map to show where you can  buy seafood, whether from restaurants, fishmongers, fish vans or even mail order, as well as what’s in season, recipes and local information.

Seafood-See Here! is encouraging event organisers across Scotland to include seafood on their menus alongside other traditional fare. Kathryn Logan, manager of the Moray Firth Partnership who is leading the project:

We were delighted to have been invited by the Highland organisers of the Scottish 6 Days Orienteering event to take part and to provide something special for their competitors and spectators. The health benefits of eating seafood are widely appreciated so we look forward to this chance to let people try delicious, simple fast food.  We want to thank the local companies that have donated seafood for this event.  

The project is part-financed by the Scottish Government and the Highland, Moray and Aberdeenshire European Fisheries Fund Axis 4 programmes, and by the Moray Firth Partnership.

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Year of Food and Drink

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Ashers Bakers, Credit:Ashers Bakers

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