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Day 4 Report - Creag Choinnich

Braemar Castle and the finish line

Competitors enjoying today’s terrific area and scenic arena were largely unaware of yet another Plan B.  Earlier in the week we discovered that the corner of the race arena field was ankle deep in slurry – even our staging boards would have been hard pushed to bridge this.  Many thanks go to Angus McNicol at Invercauld Estates and farmer Neil Fraser who allowed us to move into the adjacent field, as well as moving the cattle towards the Invercauld Arms.  They (the cattle) seemed totally relaxed and chilled about the event. Essentially we did a complete mirror of the existing arena layout.  Courses were always going to have a remote finish above the arena, so no changes to maps were needed.

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Day 4: Creag Choinnich

Creag Choinnich map sample

Thursday 3rd August

Deeside Daily News-Sheet

Day 4 Report

Day 4 Results

Split Times - WinSplits Online


British Orienteering Ranking Points

Photo Gallery: Wendy Carlyle


Beware Lyme disease!!

Remember to check for ticks after every run. For more information on how to remove ticks go to

Tick bites can infect you with Lyme disease, which can be a very serious illness. If you feel unwell in the weeks after the event and/or develop a rash, be sure to consult a doctor.

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Local Geology Day 4

Notes on Geology and Topography​ of the Creag Choinnich Area

Introduction to Geology of Deeside...

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Elite Race Information

World Ranking Event on Day 3

Day 3 at Birsemore Hill will be a World Ranking Event for the M21E and W21E classes. It will be a middle distance race with planned winning times for both men and women of 35'. 

WRE Startlist can be downloaded here

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