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Day 3: Birsemore Hill

Tuesday 1st August

Birsemore out of the forest

Birsemore out of the forest

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Beware Lyme disease!!

Remember to check for ticks after every run. For more information on how to remove ticks go to

Tick bites can infect you with Lyme disease, which can be a very serious illness. If you feel unwell in the weeks after the event and/or develop a rash, be sure to consult a doctor.

World Ranking Event logoWorld Ranking Event logoBirsemore Hill Competition MapBirsemore Hill Competition Map

Birsemore Hill has been a popular and challenging area that has been used for Scottish Orienteering League events and has played host to the Scottish Night Champs and Veteran Home Internationals.

Today is a World Ranking Event for the Elite. It will be a middle distance race with planned winning times for both men and women of 35'.

Birsemore Hill rises to 333 metres, and includes some intricate areas on the steep northern slopes with a wealth of contour and rock detail including cliffs and crags. Longer courses will cross the Fungle Road (one of the Mounth tracks) into the neighbouring Glen Tanar Estate. With a shared arena with Day 2, and some restrictions imposed by the shooting estate, all competitors will funnel in for the last part of their courses through open and mixed terrain before emerging out of the forest into the final run-in. Thanks go to Glen Tanar Estate and Dunecht Estate for permission to orienteer in this spectacular area – Dunecht are also owners of Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven, inspiration for Merida’s castle in Disney’s Brave.  2017 is the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology in Scotland, and Royal Deeside 2017 offers much of interest including castles, stone circles, hill forts and ancient settlements.

Notes on Local Geology


Organising Clubs: ELO, GRAMP, STAG and TINTO

Planners: David Esson, Gareth Yardley & Murray Anderson (GRAMP)

Organisers: Helen Anderson (GRAMP), Sheila Strain (ELO)

Controllers: Trevor Hoey (FVO), Terry O’Brien (STAG)

Directions: As Day 2. Take care if leaving Parking early – some competitors may still be walking along the minor road on their way to the starts.

Parking: As Day 2.

Arena: As Day 2.

Starts: The initial walk to Starts is along a minor road, mostly level. Then the White Start is located 50 m along a small path. Green, Red, Blue and Elite Starts continue on the road for a further 150 m, then along a narrow path and forest track. The access is not suitable for buggies, one short section is very steep. There will be portable toilets sited 250 m before the access to White Start.

Maps: DOLM surveyed 2007, revised 2017, 1:10,000.

Terrain: Birsemore is a great combination of physical and technical difficulty. While it is situated on steep slopes, it is largely bracken free so is fast running. There are a few crossing points throughout the area which affect some courses. The maps and control descriptions will state whether the crossing points are compulsory for your course.

String Course: Located close to the Arena, the approach crosses a quiet track and a small bridge. Please use only the designated exit points to leave the Arena. The terrain involves a climb and is rough underfoot in places with 2 wall crossings. NOT suitable for buggies.

Safety Information: There are large crags/cliffs on the north face of Birsemore. The courses have been planned to avoid them.

Elite Courses: Middle distance and World Ranking Event. 35 min ELT. Seeded start list. New bibs will be available at pre-start. Separate Elite Start close to the G/B/R Starts, Finish is shared with 6-Days competitors. Elite courses bar the last control will have control codes of 2 digits. (i.e. 67, 82...) whereas all other courses will use 3 digit codes (123,158...).

Special Information: Courses 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 will have some taped legs on their courses.

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Birsemore lower slopes

Birsemore lower slopes

Birsemore from day 2/3 arena

Birsemore from day 2/3 arena

Birsemore map

Birsemore map

Birsemore map sample

Birsemore map sample