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Trail O Results

Last edited: 03rd Aug

Results from Trail O



TrailO report
An excellent turnout of 102 people including a good number trying TrailO for the first time.
The main purpose of this event was to encourage more participation in TrailO and
comments at the finish suggested that most people enjoyed the challenge. I hope you all
find some opportunity to do more.

Planning TrailO takes a huge amount of time to ensure control sites that are sufficiently
challenging and can be solved without resorting to guesswork. So I was pleased to see the
top of the leaderboard populated by experienced TrailO people – suggesting that skill rather
than luck was rewarded. Congratulations to Wilbert Hollinger (LVO) who was the clear
winner on the Elite course.

Many thanks to Rob for controlling and all those who helped on the day.

Anne Hickling

Elite Map

Novice Map


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