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Spot Prizes

Coming Soon

During Strathearn 2019 Scottish 6 Days the organising committee are introducing Spot prizes. A list of supporting companies are detailed below:

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Day 4: Culteuchar and Dron

Culteuchar and Dron

Thu 1st August

This is the fastest and most open area being used for Strathearn 2019.  There is a mix of open grazed moorland and some areas of heather with only the longest courses reaching the more dense conifer plantations with their intricate ride systems.  There are numerous line features (ruined walls, fences, footpaths and ditches) and some fields with sheep and cattle (out of bounds) as well as enclosures for rearing birds (to be avoided).  All courses finish through a mixed area of woodland.


Strathearn 2019: Main Day Officials - Day 4 Culteuchar Hill & Dron

Organising Clubs: CLYDE, INT, EUOC & AROS.
Organiser: Rachel Wilson (CLYDE)
Asst.Organiser: TBC
Planners: Max Carcas & Robin Galloway (INT)
Controller: Brian Porteous (FVO)
Asst.Controller: Paul Caban (INT)

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Overview of the event

Terry O'Brien Talks about the event...

Thursday 6th June 2019

Terry O'Brien, BEM,Event Co-ordinator provides an update on several aspects of the Event.


Reference notes: Take a look at St Fillans Golf Course Film - PLAY FILM

More films to follow from our planners and organisers.

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Souvenir Merchandise


Souvenir Merchandise

The pre-order deadline has passed but all is not lost, we now have restricted availability on all products which can be pre-ordered.  Souvenir merchandise will be available at the event. 

New Entrants

To add merchandise to your registration - Select the merchandise items when you reach step 3.
Register & Buy Merchandise


Existing Entrants

1. Starting from Registration Page proceed through the entry steps as normal until you reach step 3
2. Delete all names listed in the competitor's table using the 'delete link' buttons at the end of the row (otherwise you will end up entering twice).
3. Select the merchandise items you require.
4. Proceed to payment as normal.

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Local Supporters

The following local businesses are supporting Scottish 6 Days 2019 in Strathearn

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Course Details

For the main 6 Days, a full range of age classes is available, from M/W10 to M/W85. White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, and Green courses are also available for less experienced or casual orienteers.


Quick link to Provisional Course Lengths & Climbs – as of 24th June 2019.


Please Note: The starts locations are referred to by colour, these have nothing to do with the colour of courses. See the table of classes below for details

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