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Course Details

Last edited: 27th Jul

For the main 6 Days, a full range of age classes is available, from M/W10 to M/W85. White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, and Green courses are also available for less experienced or casual orienteers.

Please Note:
The starts locations are referred to by colour, these have nothing to do with the colour of courses. See the table of classes below for details.
Also, you may have noticed on the programme that we also have a touch-free finish.

Distances to starts

Day 1

* White & Green starts: 1.0km / 70m climb along good tracks
* Blue, Red & Yellow: 1.0km / 70m climb along good tracks

Day 2

* White start: 2.0km / 90m of climb along metalled roads and good tracks
* Green, Red, Blue & Yellow: 1.8km / 90m climb along metalled roads, good tracks and a short section of the grassed field

The GRBY start is 0.65km from the White start for those adults who wish to drop children before going on to their own. All routes will pass the Finish field about 1.4km from Assembly. We hope to have clothes drop near the Finish field.

Day 3

* White start: 0.65km / 5m climb along good track
* Green, Red & Blue: 0.65km / 30m climb along good tracks, then rougher ground and forest
* Yellow start: 0.75km / 30m climb along good tracks then rougher ground and forest

Note: Courses 5-7 have been moved from the White start to the GRB start on this day to allow good TD5 courses. On the way to their Yellow start, the Elites will pass a short practice course.

Day 4

* White start: 1.6km / 90m climb along paths and rougher ground.
* Green, Blue, Red & Yellow starts: 1.8km / 120m climb along paths and rougher ground.

Day 5

* White & Green starts: 1.5km / 75m climb along rough vehicle tracks.
* Blue & Red starts: 2.2km / 160m climb along rough vehicle tracks, ride and paths.
* Yellow start: 2.2km / 175m climb along rough vehicle tracks, ride, paths and runnable forest.

Day 6

* White & Green: 1.8km / 90m climb along paths and rougher ground
* Blue, Red & Yellow: 1.8km / 90m climb along paths and rougher ground


Distances to the Start Diagram:

Which classes at which start

Course M W Start


M10B W10B White
2 M10A, M12B W10A, W12B


3   W12A, W14B


4 M12A, M14B  


5   W75S, W85

White* except for Day 3

6 M85 W70S, W80 White* except for Day 3
7 M75S, M80 W65S, W75L White* except for Day 3
8 White   White
9 Yellow   White
10 Orange   White
14 Light Green   Green
15 Green  


16   W14A, W16B


17 M14A, M16B  


18 M70S W55S, W60S, W70L


19 M65S W50S


20 M75L W45S, W65L


21 M60S W40S


22   W18S, W20S, W35S


23 M55S W60L Blue
24 M70L W55L Blue
25 M18S W16A, W21S Blue
26 M50S   Blue
27 M45S W50L Blue
28 M40S, M65L   Blue
29 M20S, M35S W45L Blue
30 M60L W40L Blue
31 M21S W18L, W20L, W35L Blue
34 M16A W21L Red
35 M55L   Red
36 M18L, M50L   Red
37 M45L   Red
38 M40L   Red
39 M20L, M21L, M35L   Red
40   W21E Yellow
41 M21E   Yellow

(*) except on Day 3. Green start that day.

Technical Difficulty

These will provide a choice of courses at Technical Difficulty (TD) levels 1 - 5, where TD1 is the easiest and TD5 is the most difficult.

  • TD1 - M/W10B, White
  • TD2 - M/W10A, M/W12B, Yellow
  • TD3 - M/W12A, M/W14B, Orange
  • TD4 - M/W14A, M/W16B, Light Green
  • TD5 - M/W16A, Green
  • TD5 - M/W18, M/W20 - Long and Short
  • TD5 - M/W21 - Elite, Long and Short
  • TD5 - M/W35, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55 - Long and Short
  • TD5 - M/W60, M/W65, M/W70, M/W75 - Long and Short
  • TD5 - M/W80, M/W85

The following is an explanation of the colour coded courses:

  • White – Technically easy with most controls on paths. Where paths don’t exist, a taped route may be necessary. Mainly used by 6-10-year-olds and family groups.
  • Yellow - Uses linear features like paths, walls, and streams. Mainly used by under 12s and family groups. 
  • Orange - Involves basic use of the compass and route choice. Ideal for competent youngsters or novice adults. 
  • Light Green - Uses simple contour and point features. Ideal for improvers as the navigational difficulty begins to increase.
  • Green - Very hard navigational difficulty. Mostly used by experienced under 18’s and adults wanting a short but challenging course.

Course Lengths

Course lengths will vary from day to day, depending on the area. We are planning courses as follows:

Day & Date



ELT Elites

1-Sunday 28th July



50 > 60 mins

2-Monday 29th July



50 > 60 mins

3-Tuesday 30st July

Dundurn & Cnoc a’Mhadaidh

Middle Distance

Middle Distance

4-Thursday 1st Aug

Culteuchar & Dron


50 > 60 mins

5-Friday 2nd Aug

Craig a Barns


Full Classic

6-Saturday 3rd Aug


Middle Distance

Middle Distance

The following table provides information about the expected leading times which are valid for the ‘Standard’ days. For the two days labelled as ‘middle distance,’ the course lengths and winning times will be shorter on the TD5 course. The other courses will not be shortened.

Expected Leading Times-Standard Days




20 minutes

M80L+, W70L+

40 minutes


25 minutes

M75L, W65L

45 minutes


30 minutes

M55-70L, W35-60L

50 minutes


45 minutes

M18L, W18L, W20L

50 minutes



M20L, M35-50L

55 minutes

Except for M/W21, the course lengths for Senior Short (S) classes are approximately 2/3 of those for Long (L) classes.

For M/W21L the course length is set at 80% of the length of a 60-minute Elite course.

For M/W21S the course length is set at 60% of the length of a 60-minute Elite course.

For Junior B classes, the course is the same as the A course for the age class below (e.g. M14B will run the same course as M12A).

World Ranking Event

WRE status has been granted for the events on Day 3 at Dundurn & Cnoc a’Mhadaidh and for Day 5 at Craig a Barns.

UK Orienteering League

The events on Day 1 at Auchingarrich and Day 6 at Grandtully both count towards the UK Orienteering League.

Reversed Seeded Start

For the M & W21 E competitors, a Reversed Seeded Start shall be used on Day 6 at Grandtully. See Day 6 for more information.

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