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Day 1: Auchingarrich

Sunday 28th July



Last edited: 28th Jul

Auchingarrich has a classic mix of plantation forest, with a surprisingly intricate network of rides; technically detailed open hillside and some faster running on the fields and woodland of the valley floor to the north.

The Livestream today is focused on the M/W 55L but not exclusively.

Results Livestream M55L Tracking W55L Tracking

Physically and technically challenging, Auchingarrich hosted the Scottish Championships in 2011 and in 2018 played host to the first of the Scottish Orienteering League events. The area has proved a popular venue for orienteering squad training over recent years, with shades of green getting progressively lighter as time goes by.

Tilhill Forestry manages the main afforested area, and thanks go to them and adjacent landowners including Major Melville at Strowan and Michael Aldridge, Factor of Drummond Estates. The nearby Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre is a very popular visitor attraction including exotic creatures as well as farm animals, we would encourage a visit.

Auchingarrich is only a few miles from the event centre in Crieff and the event campsite at ComrieCroft.

Today counts towards the UK Orienteering League.

Dog owners

Today only, due to the distance car parking is from assembly, dogs will be allowed in the assembly field, but they must be kept on a lead.


Follow A822 south over Crieff Bridge then turn right onto unclassified road. Follow 8km to turn left into parking field.


Large sloping field immediately off the minor public road. ALL cars to arrive by 12:00 and NO exit before 12:30.


2.5-2.8km walk from the car park and bus drop off. Please follow marked route and use crossing points. The last 500m is on a very quiet public road. Route not suitable for buggies.


White/Green/Red/Blue/Yellowstarts are 1km from the arena retracing route from car park for first 100m. Route on good track and then grassy track suitable for all terrain buggies. Two toilets will be provided 300m before the starts.


Deeside Orienteering and Leisure (DOLM), updated May 2019. Scale is 1:7,500 for Courses 1-21, 23, 24, 28 & 30; 1:10,000 for rest.


Most courses visit areas of plantation forest with runnable rides, open forest, areas of marsh and intricate ditches before a fast finish in open runnable farmland. Longer courses visit a large rough open area.

String Course

South side of the Arena.

Safety Information

Very quiet public road adjacent to the arena will be open. Club tents and banners only permitted south of burn away from overhead power lines.

Elite Courses

Long distance: 50-60 ELT. Map scale 1:10.000.

Special Information

Today only, due to the distance car parking is from assembly, dogs will be allowed in the assembly field, but they must be kept on a lead. There will be a limited shuttle bus operating between the car park and arena. This is for use by older competitors and young families only. Day 1 queues to collect bibs and enter on the day may be long; please allow time for this. Competitors with Medical conditions can also make use of the bus service to & from Day 1 Event Arena

Main Day Officials

Organising Clubs: MAROC, AYROC & TINTO.
Organiser: Sue Barrie (MAROC)
Asst. Organiser: Paul Chapman (MAROC)
Planners: Dan Gooch & Scott Reynolds (MAROC)
Controller: Donald Grassie (MOR)
Asst. Controller: Bob Sheridan (MAROC)

GPR tracking, selected competitors

Each day at the Scottish 6 days we will be tracking  selected runners. On day 3 and 5 we will track the top elite runners and on the other days we will track one age group class. Tracking may be used as part of the Live Streaming broadcast each day and will be available on line later to re run and compare routes.

Please see the attached listing to see if you are on the tracking list. Please collect and return trackers and tracker vests from the media tent by the Finish except Day 3 and 5 when trackers and WRE numbers will be issued at the WRE Warm Up area near the Elite Start.

Tracker Name Start Time Club Course
1 Julian Birkinshaw 13:58 TVOC M55L
2 David Robertson 13:56 ESOC M55L
3 Mike Pedley 13:54 EPOC M55L
4 Nicholas Lightfoot 13:52 SYO M55L
5 Andrew Ridgway 13:48 NOC M55L
6 Klaus Helfrich 13:46 OLV Steinberg M55L
7 Trevor Hindle 13:44 MDOC M55L
8 Stephen Gilmore 13:42 LVO M55L
9 Steve Dempsey 13:36 SYO M55L
10 Keith Brown 13:32 ESOC M55L
11 Mike Brett 13:30 BAOC M55L
12 Tim Tett 13:24 SYO M55L
13 Jonathan Emberton 13:22 EPOC M55L
14 Clive Hallett 13:10 BOK M55L
15 Derick Mercer 13:08 BKO M55L
16 Evgueni Chepelin 13:04 GRAMP M55L
17 Arne Wilhelm Knudsen 13:02 GNEIST M55L
18 Mike Johnson 12:39 SROC M55L
19 Charles Bromley Gardner 12:34 BAOC M55L
20 Michael Billinghurst 12:27 WCOC M55L
21 Martin Skinner 12:22 WCOC M55L
22 Anders Söderbärg 12:10 OK Roslagen M55L
23 Maths Carlsson 12:06 Tolered-Utby M55L
24 Pedro Lundquist 12:04 Linköpings OK M55L
26 Louise Longhurst 13:59 FVO W55L
27 Hazel Hindle 13:57 MDOC W55L
28 Helen Pedley 13:53 EPOC W55L
29 Fiona Hendrie 13:43 FVO W55L
30 Janet Adams 13:41 SYO W55L
31 Hazel Dean 13:39 FVO W55L
32 Christine Goulding 13:33 BL W55L
33 Jacky Dakin 13:31 SYO W55L
34 Heather Fellbaum 13:25 FVO W55L
35 Alison Cunningham 13:23 ESOC W55L
36 Vicky Thornton 13:21 FVO W55L
37 Trine Raaen 13:18 Aker Brygge Orienter W55L
38 Anne Loever 13:13 Stord Orientering W55L
39 Ingrid Sandvoll 13:07 GNEIST W55L
40 Britt Karlsen 13:05 Askøy O-lag W55L
41 Nina Lokoen Knudsen 12:57 GNEIST W55L
42 Heather Wood 12:42 GEN W55L
43 Susan Skinner 12:38 WCOC W55L
44 Johanna Cleary 12:35 LOC W55L
45 Jane Ackland 12:34 INT W55L
46 Debby Warren 12:23 NN W55L
47 Louise Dunn 12:16 LOC W55L
48 Åsa Kindlundh 12:11 Alfta-Ösa OK W55L
49 Joyce Marshall 11:19 AIRE W55L

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Auchingarrich map sample

Auchingarrich map sample