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Day 1: Auchingarrich

Sunday 28th July



Last edited: 25th May

Today counts towards the UK Orienteering League.

Auchingarrich has a classic mix of plantation forest, with a surprisingly intricate network of rides; technically detailed open hillside and some faster running on the fields and woodland of the valley floor to the north.


Strathearn 2019: Main Day Officials - Day 1 – Auchingarrich

Organising Clubs: MAROC, AYROC & TINTO.
Organiser: Sue Barrie (MAROC)
Asst. Organiser: Paul Chapman (MAROC)
Planners: Dan Gooch & Scott Reynolds (MAROC)
Controller: Donald Grassie (MOR)
Asst. Controller: Bob Sheridan (MAROC)

Physically and technically challenging, Auchingarrich hosted the Scottish Championships in 2011 and in 2018 played host to the first of the Scottish Orienteering League events. The area has proved a popular venue for orienteering squad training over recent years, with shades of green getting progressively lighter as time goes by.

Tilhill Forestry manages the main afforested area, and thanks go to them and adjacent landowners including Major Melville at Strowan and Michael Aldridge, Factor of Drummond Estates. The nearby Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre is a very popular visitor attraction including exotic creatures as well as farm animals, we would encourage a visit.

Auchingarrich is only a few miles from the event centre in Crieff and the event campsite at ComrieCroft.

Dog owners

Today only, due to the distance car parking is from assembly, dogs will be allowed in the assembly field, but they must be kept on a lead.

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Auchingarrich map sample

Auchingarrich map sample