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Day 3: Dundurn & Cnoc a’Mhadaidh

Tuesday 30th July

Dundurn terrain

Dundurn terrain

Last edited: 29th Jul

The other end of the loch from Edinchip! Dundurn & Cnoc a'Mhadaidh is another new area for orienteering, with a very technical and mixed forest including oak woodland, beech and conifer plantations and virtually no paths or tracks. Less technical courses are likely to take in parts of the adjacent St Fillans Golf Course. The course is surprisingly level but is surrounded by towering and craggy hills and the imposing St Fillan’s Hill – a must for a control site.

The Livestream today is focused on the M/W 21 Elite but not exclusively.

Livestream Selected Athletes M21E Tracking W21E Tracking

Take a look at St Fillans Golf Course Film

Further explore St Fillans Golf Club, experience the Clubhouse catering team Nutritious & Delicious: Good value, reasonably priced, home cooking. Homemade soup, sandwiches, hot dishes, salads and cakes. Fresh coffee and friendly staff.

Day 3 is a World Ranking Event.
WRE seeding uses 30th June world rankings

The area is wholly within the Drummond Estates. The Drummond Castle Gardens, just a few miles south of Crieff, is in the list of the finest gardens in Europe and well worth a visit.

The A85, running east-west through nearby St Fillans, has a series of very sharp bends to the east of Dundurn so please take care.

World Ranking Event Embargo Details

This embargo applies to all potential WRE competitors (runners, team leaders, coaches, doctors, etc.) as well as to all others with strong links to Elite squads.  Embargoes also apply to anyone intending to compete at the Scottish 6 Days.

No orienteering of any kind can take place in these embargoed areas until after Strathearn 2019.

Officials involved with the organisation of Strathearn 2019 are allowed to enter areas as appropriate e.g. race arenas and parking areas.  If in any doubt please contact Colin Matheson for authority.

Note that the embargoes do not apply to public roads running by or through the areas as defined on Google Maps.

Please see Google Maps for details of the embargoed areas.

Main Day Officials

Organising Clubs: ESOC & BASOC.
Organiser: Tyler Morrison (ESOC)
Asst.Organiser: Jo Cumming (BASOC)
Planners: Peter Halling (ESOC) & Duncan Francis (BASOC)
Controller: David Esson (GRAMP)
Asst.Controller: Roger Scrutton (ESOC)

GPS tracking, selected competitors

Each day at the Scottish 6 days we will be tracking selected runners. On day 3 and 5 we will track the top elite runners and on the other days we will track one age group class. Tracking may be used as part of the Live Streaming broadcast each day and will be available on line later to re run and compare routes.

Please see the attached listing to see if you are on the tracking list. Please collect and return trackers and tracker vests from the media tent by the Finish except Day 2 when near the start, Day 3 and 5 when trackers and WRE numbers will be issued at the WRE Warm Up area near the Elite Start.

Tracker Name Start Time Club Course
1 Graham Gristwood 13:30 FVO M21E
2 Peter Hodkinson 13:28 NOC M21E
3 Thomas Curiger 13:26 OLC Kapreolo M21E
4 Chris Smithard 13:24 FVO M21E
5 Toby Scott 13:22 OLV Steinbe… M21E
6 Nathan Lawson 13:20 OD M21E
7 Joshua Dudley 13:18 MAROC M21E
8 Matthew Elkington 13:16 OD M21E
9 Alistair Masson 13:14 EUOC M21E
10 Thomas Wilson 13:12 EUOC M21E
11 Matthew Fellbaum 13:10 EUOC M21E
12 Oliver Johnson 13:08 SYO M21E
13 Ben Stevens 13:06 DRONGO M21E
14 Richard Purkis 13:04 ESOC M21E
15 Are Wigaard 13:02 NTNUI M21E
16 Brian Poon 13:00 HKIOF M21E
17 Aidan Smith 12:58 SYO M21E
18 Aidan Rigby 12:56 CLOK M21E
19 Alastair Thomas 12:54 EUOC M21E
20 Alistair Thornton 12:52 LUOC M21E
21 Andreas Polden 12:44 Nydalens SK M21E
22 Jamie Stevenson 12:34 FVO M21E
23 Scott Fraser 12:14 TuMe M21E
24 Robert Pim 12:00 WATO M21E
25 Jon Duncan 11:44 Sandnes IL M21E
26 Catherine Taylor 13:09 SYO W21E
27 Lizzie Ingham 13:07 Wellington W21E
28 Fay Walsh 13:05 EUOC W21E
29 Mary Fleming 13:03 SYO W21E
30 Alison Campbell 13:01 BASOC W21E
31 Jo Stevenson 12:59 ESOC W21E
32 Alice Rigby 12:57 CLOK W21E
33 Claire Ward 12:55 INT W21E
34 Frances Wright 12:53 MAROC W21E
35 Julie Emmerson 12:51 OD W21E
36 Pippa Dakin 12:49 SYO W21E
37 Iida Varmavuo 12:47 Rajamäen R… W21E
38 Carolyn Hindle 12:45 FVO W21E
39 Louise Adams 12:43 EUOC W21E
40 Helen Pruzina 12:41 LVO W21E
41 Yiching Huang 12:39 Moxina Ok W21E
42 Ellie Molloy 12:37 Wellington W21E
43 Rozy Shepherd 12:35 INVOC W21E
44 Laura Hindle 12:33 FVO W21E
45 Katrina McLeod 12:31 GRAMP W21E
46 Elizabeth Bedwell 12:29 DVO W21E
47 Frida Brogren 12:27 Sävedalens … W21E
48 Leah Williams 12:25 LUOC W21E
49 Vicky Bailey 12:23 EBOR W21E
50 Rosalind Heron 12:21 STAG W21E

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Dundurn race arena & parking

Dundurn race arena & parking

Dundurn map sample

Dundurn map sample

Dundurn location

Dundurn location