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Day 4: Culteuchar and Dron

Thu 1st August

Culteuchar and Dron

Culteuchar and Dron

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This is the fastest and most open area being used for Strathearn 2019.  There is a mix of open grazed moorland and some areas of heather with only the longest courses reaching the more dense conifer plantations with their intricate ride systems.  There are numerous line features (ruined walls, fences, footpaths and ditches) and some fields with sheep and cattle (out of bounds) as well as enclosures for rearing birds (to be avoided).  All courses finish through a mixed area of woodland.

The Livestream today is focused on the M/W 65L but not exclusively.

Livestream Selected Athletes M65L Tracking W65L Tracking

Castle Law, Forgandenny, adjacent to Culteuchar Hill, is a fine example of a hill fort and courses will enjoy views from here on their way to the more afforested area of West Dron Hill. Previous events have included the Scottish Orienteering League.

There are multiple landowners including the Dupplin Estate (Lord Forteviot), Ardargie Mains and Glenearn and thanks go to them and local farmer/shepherd Mike Blanche.

The access agreement for Day 4 on Thursday 1st August 2019 is such that there must be absolutely NO DOGS even in cars at this Race.

Main Day Officials

Organising Clubs: CLYDE, INT, EUOC & AROS.
Organiser: Rachel Wilson (CLYDE)
Asst.Organiser: TBC
Planners: Max Carcas & Robin Galloway (INT)
Controller: Brian Porteous (FVO)
Asst.Controller: Paul Caban (INT)

GPR tracking, selected competitors

Tracker Name Start Time Club Course
1 Paul Duley 13:59 GRAMP M65L
2 Magne Vollen 13:57 OSI M65L
3 Dave Smith 13:49 WCH M65L
4 Are Eriksen 13:37 OSI M65L
5 Allan Darwell 13:33 BOK M65L
6 Knut Haug 13:29 OL Vallset/St… M65L
7 Hans Tore Sandsdalen 13:25 Oddersjaa M65L
8 Richard Llewellyn 13:19 NOC M65L
9 Brian Bullen 13:11 FVO M65L
10 Leslie Dalgleish 13:01 ESOC M65L
11 Steve Whitehead 12:59 EBOR M65L
12 Ted Finch 12:55 FVO M65L
13 Paul Johnson 12:49 SYO M65L
14 Christopher Calow 12:27 DEE M65L
15 David Kingdon 12:09 SAX M65L
16 Kari Talltjärn 11:59 Västerås SOK M65L
17 Dave Chapman 11:53 SN M65L
18 Chris Moncaster 11:19 KERNO M65L
19 Colin Matheson 11:07 MOR M65L
20 Charlie Turner 11:03 SLOW M65L
21 Roger Lott 10:51 AIRE M65L
22 Don McKerrow 10:45 SLOW M65L
23 Eddie Harwood 10:41 MOR M65L
24 Tony Carlyle 10:37 AIRE M65L
25 Peter Haines 10:29 AIRE M65L
26 Neville Baker 10:15 TVOC M65L
27 Siri Økstad 13:45 Oddersjaa W65L
28 Solveig Olsen 13:39 Oddersjaa W65L
29 Teresa Finlay 13:35 FERMO W65L
30 Mary Williams 13:13 ESOC W65L
31 Lynne Walker 13:11 BASOC W65L
32 Anne Thom 13:05 ESOC W65L
33 Janice Nisbet 13:01 ESOC W65L
34 Margaret Dalgleish 12:57 ESOC W65L
35 Judy Johnson 12:55 SYO W65L
36 Linda Hayles 12:39 EPOC W65L
37 Janet Tryson 12:35 EMPO W65L
38 Judith Holt 12:30 DVO W65L
39 Leila Henderson 12:27 Yalanga W65L
40 Brigitte Kölla 12:14 OLG Zürich W65L
41 Silvia Baumann 12:02 OL Zimmerb… W65L
42 Helen Gardner 11:59 EBOR W65L
43 Janet Nash 11:43 LOC W65L
44 Anna-Karin Johansson 11:41 Vandrarringen W65L
45 Sarah Brown 11:19 SLOW W65L
46 Christine Kiddier 11:17 BL W65L
47 Jillyan Dobby 11:15 MDOC W65L
48 Jill Smith 11:13 EBOR W65L
49 Jacqueline Scuvee 10:29 C.O.Liege W65L

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Map sample

Map sample