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Day 5: Craig a Barns

Fri 2nd Aug

Craig a Barns scenic view

Craig a Barns scenic view

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Today is a World Ranking Event.

The birthplace of Scottish orienteering, and widely regarded as one of the best orienteering areas in the country. Craig a Barns was used for the Scottish Championships in 1962 and was the first specially mapped area for orienteering in Scotland. The area has played host to various events, including the Jan Kjellstrom 1990 and more recently JK2012.

Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club describe the area as “a tough area, on a steep craggy hill, often quite rough underfoot. The terrain is complex; a forested plateau split by a series of parallel valleys, with many crags, fallen trees and some areas of bracken”. For Strathearn 2019 we will extend the area to the north and east of Rotmell Farm, including some fine detailed terrain with runnable heather and rough grazing and extending out beyond the Rotmell and Dowally Lochs and down to the Mill Dam.

Thanks go to the Atholl Estates for use of the area, and if you have time to venture a bit further north their Blair Castle is worth a visit. Thanks go to the Brewster family for access to Rotmell Farm -this was built around 1825 as a show farm by the Duchess of Argyll, with Prince Albert, of Queen Victoria fame, also involved in the original design. Beatrix Potter, of Peter Rabbit fame, used to stay in the Dunkeld area and was known to visit the farm and use it in her illustrations.

Craig a Barns like Grandtully is outside Strathearn but is readily accessible via the A822 which leads directly to Dunkeld (care needed crossing the A9).


World Ranking Event Embargo Details

This embargo applies to all potential WRE competitors (runners, team leaders, coaches, doctors, etc.) as well as to all others with strong links to elite squads.  Embargoes also apply to anyone intending to compete at the Scottish 6 Days.

No orienteering of any kind can take place in these embargoed areas until after Strathearn 2019.

Officials involved with the organisation of Strathearn 2019 are allowed to enter areas as appropriate e.g. race arenas and parking areas.  If in any doubt please contact Colin Matheson for authority.

Note that the embargoes do not apply to public roads running by or through the areas as defined on Google Maps.

Please see Google Maps for details of the embargoed areas.

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Map sample Craig a Barns

Map sample Craig a Barns