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Day 6: Grandtully

Sat 3rd Aug

Grandtully Panorama

Grandtully Panorama

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Today counts towards the UK Orienteering League 

Reversed Seeded Start for M21E and W21E only.

Today is a reversed seeded start for the two elite classes based upon the performance of the first five days:





The Livestream today is focused on the M/W 20L but not exclusively.

Livestream Selected Athletes M20L Tracking W20L Tracking

Grandtully (pronounced Grantly) is well known for white-water canoeing, including sections of grade 3 water. Grandtully is on the River Tay rather than Strathearn, but this area has long been seen as a possible orienteering venue by Event Coordinator Terry O’Brien of St Andrew's (Glasgow) Orienteers or STAG. In 2017 they celebrated their 35th Anniversary at Grandtully, using a very small part of the mapped area. Since then the area has been extended further to the north.

Travel Route:

The A822 from Crieff passes through the Sma’ Glen – for those unable to venture further into the Highlands this is like some of the more mountainous areas of Scotland in miniature. Access up and down the A9 is also possible, but exploratory works for the dualling (upgrade) of the A9 are still expected to be in progress.

The area is close to the A9, allowing an easy departure at the end of what will be a great week of orienteering in some very different terrain.

The southern part of the area is on Forest Enterprise Scotland land, and their permission to use the area is appreciated. There are significant areas of light to dark green, but there is on-going thinning and clearance and an extensive network of paths, tracks and rides. The area opens out to an ancient hill fort at Castle Dow or Caisteal Dubh – this was long occupied by Celtic tribes of the Picts. To the north of the area there are gentle slopes covered predominantly with birch, and to the East the area above Balnaguard is notable for the juniper woodland.

Thanks go to David Nairn as well as farmer Shona Calder, as well as nearby Kinnaird Estate.

Main Day Officials

Organising Clubs: GRAMP, KFO & RR
Organiser: Sam Gomersall (GRAMP)
Asst Organiser: Lesley Gomersall (GRAMP)
Planners: Pete Lawrence & Zoe Griffin (GRAMP)
Controller: Andy Oliver (MAROC)
Asst. Controller: Simon Gardner (CLYDE)

GPS tracking, selected competitors

Each day at the Scottish 6 days we will be tracking  selected runners. On day 3 and 5 we will track the top elite runners and on the other days we will track one age group class. Tracking may be used as part of the Live Streaming broadcast each day and will be available on line later to re run and compare routes.

Please see the attached listing to see if you are on the tracking list. Please collect and return trackers and tracker vests from the media tent by the Finish except Day 2 when near the start, Day 3 and 5 when trackers and WRE numbers will be issued at the WRE Warm Up area near the Elite Start.

Tracker Name Start Time Club Course
1 River Edis-Smith 13:34 MDOC M20L
2 Rudi Paul 13:30 STAG M20L
3 Arsac-England Tom 13:02 Altaïr M20L
4 Harry Scott 12:58 SHUOC M20L
5 Sam Leadley 12:56 OD M20L
6 James Nisbet 12:48 SMOC M20L
7 Connor Cleary 12:46 PAPO M20L
8 Finlay Downie 12:44 TAY M20L
9 Ryan Elliot 12:02 SYO M20L
10 Lachlan Chavasse 11:58 QO M20L
11 Peter Dobra 11:54 UBOC M20L
12 Joseph Twigg 11:50 LUOC M20L
13 Faisal Khursheed 11:38 RR M20L
14 Alastair George 11:34 Big Foot M20L
15 Tom Wood 11:28 ERYRI M20L
16 Daniel Weaver 11:26 UBOC M20L
17 Duncan Currie 11:22 Garingal M20L
18 Alasdair Pedley 11:17 EUOC M20L
19 Ben Breeze 11:15 WCOC M20L
20 Joseph Wright 11:09 EUOC M20L
21 Alexander O'Donovan 11:08 LOC M20L
22 Daniel Spencer 11:05 EUOC M20L
23 Freddie Carcas 11:03 INT M20L
24 Tom Lines 11:00 EUOC M20L
25 Max F.A. Bloor 10:57 INT M20L
26 Thomas Laraia 10:54 EUOC M20L
27 Sam Yates 10:45 LOC M20L
28 Joe Uprichard 10:34 DVO M20L
29 Daniel Gray 10:18 Ugly Gully M20L
30 Joseph Goodwin 10:14 WCOC M20L
31 Angus Haines 10:10 SpurPosting M20L
32 Grace Molloy 12:38 FVO W20L
33 Ellie Bales 13:36 POTOC W20L
34 Rebecca Aspin 11:38 CLOK W20L
35 Freya Shepherd 11:02 EUOC W20L
36 Niamh Hunter 11:16 WCOC W20L
37 Emma Wilson 11:18 EUOC W20L
38 Emily Sorensen 11:28 Tintookies O… W20L
39 Zoe Graham 13:32 SOLWAY W20L
40 Bethany Kippin 13:08 TVOC W20L
41 Anna Lister 10:48 LOC W20L
42 Saskia Warren 11:12 NN W20L
43 Roanne Lilley 13:22 ECKO W20L
44 Laura King 11:14 EUOC W20L

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Grandtully Hill Fort

Grandtully Hill Fort

Grandtully map sample

Grandtully map sample