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Driving In Scotland

KEEP LEFT Campaign

Last edited: 10th Apr

We want you to be able to get to our events and home again safely. On the way to our events, you will have to drive on some narrow country roads. It's important
to remember to always drive on the LEFT; it can be very easy to forget on some of these narrower roads. *

Driving on country roads needs to be taken steadily. You need to be ready to stop at any time to avoid unexpected hazards. Roads can become narrow at old bridges and places where there are stone walls on both sides of the road. Give slower, non-motorised road users such as walkers, cyclists, horse riders and farm livestock or wild animals enough time and space to move either into a passing place or off the road.

*The BBC and iNews recently reported on the campaign and captured unfortunate and avoidable accidents. 

Pass wide and slow. When you have passed, remember to return to the left.

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