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World Ranking Event Embargo Details

Last edited: 30th Mar

WRE status has been granted for the events on Day 3 at Dundurn & Cnoc a’Mhadaidh and for Day 5 at Craig a’Barns. These will provide an excellent training opportunity for WOC 2019 in Norway.

Day 3 (Dundurn & Cnoc a'Mhadaidh) will be a Middle Distance Race.
Day 5 (Craig a'Barns) will be a Classic Distance Race.

Map scales for the Middle Distance will be 1:10,000 and 1:15,000 for Classic Distance.

This embargo applies to all potential WRE competitors, this includes runners, team leaders, coaches, doctors, etc. as well as those with strong links to elite squads. Embargoes also apply to anyone intending to compete at the Scottish 6 Days.

No orienteering of any kind can take place in these embargoed areas until after Strathearn 2019.

Officials involved with the organisation of Strathearn 2019 are allowed to enter areas as appropriate e.g. race arenas and parking areas.  If in any doubt please contact Colin Matheson for authority.

Note that the embargoes do not apply to public roads running by or through the areas as defined on Google Maps.

Google Maps for details of the embargoed areas

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