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Entry Information

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Event entries to all 6 Days, the Wednesday (“rest day”)  Sprint and Trail O are now available online at Fabian4 until 30th June. Subject to map availability, late entries will be open from 1st July to 12th July.

Entries will then close to allow pre-processing of the event computer files, and re-open at the Event Centre on Saturday 27th July and thereafter daily at the competition arena. Subject to map availability, entries on the day will be taken both for colour coded courses and age class courses.


Enter Online Now

An additional (limited) bus pick up point will be available from the Twenty Shilling Wood Caravan Park just to the west side of Comrie.  Anyone who has already booked at this site or intends to do so should inform

Entry Fees

Parking at the events is included in the entry fee. A shuttle bus service (which has to be pre-booked) at a nominal cost of £6/week will run every day - including the Wednesday “Rest Day” -  from the event campsite (at Comrie Croft) and from near the event centre in Crieff to the race venues and back.

The fees shown below are per day for the main 6-Days events.

Age Class Courses Colour Coded Courses

Entry Date


Junior /Student




White, Yellow, Orange

Light Green



All Colour Coded

1 Dec 2018

- 31 Jan 2019







1 Feb 2019

- 30 Apr 2019







1 May 2019

- 30 Jun 2019







Late Entries and Entry at Event









The Event Centre (Registration only) is at Morrison's Academy in the centre of Crieff (Postcode PH7 3AN). Registration will be from 1200-1800 hrs on Saturday 27th July.

Bibs, programmes, hired SI cards and pre-ordered merchandise can be collected on Saturday and thereafter at each event Race Arena.

Morrison's Academy is an independent day school (boys and girls) situated in the heart of Strathearn and is one of the most beautiful locations of any school in the country. The school was founded in 1860 and has pupils from 3 to 18 years old.  The school motto of Ad Summa Tendendum (To Strive for the Highest) is very apt for the many orienteers seeking a competitive run.

Parking within the school grounds is quite limited and on-street parking around the area may prove easier.  Equipment traders will be present but please purchase food and drink in the many local cafes. Crieff Visitor Centre is on the southern outskirts of the town on the A822 Muthill Road.


6 Day Courses and classes

Details of the courses and classes available for the main 6 Day events.

Wednesday Events

Details for the Wednesday (“rest day”) events to be held on 31st July.

  • Sprint at Macrosty Park, Crieff
  • Trail Orienteering, at Drummond Castle (just south of Crieff)
  Sprint Race Trail O
  Seniors Juniors Seniors Juniors
1st Dec - 30th June £10 £5 £8 £4
Late Entries/EOD £12 £6 £10 £4

String Course Registration

For insurance purposes, all String course participants must be registered. While it is possible to register children at the event, we would prefer if you would register your child in advance, registration details here. Note, that registration is free.

Bus Service

For a small fee, there will be a bus service running from the campsite and the Crieff event centre to the events each day. On Wednesday the bus will run to Crieff for the Sprint and to Drummond Castle for the Trail. Please indicate if you prefer to board the bus at the campsite or in Crieff.

An additional (limited) bus pick up point will be available from the Twenty Shilling Wood Caravan Park just to the west side of Comrie.  Anyone who has already booked at this site or intends to do so should inform


Start Time allocation

Trail Orienteering

No start times shall be allocated

Sprint Orienteering

Start times shall be allocated on a standard early, middle, late basis.

Main 6 Days Events

Start times for these events will run from 10.00 until 14.00 each day.

No start times will be allocated for the colour coded courses. A punching start will be used.

As Day 3 and Day 5 have both been granted WRE status, Elite starts will be allocated in accordance with IOF guidelines for such events.

For the competitors on the other age class courses, and for the Elite orienteers on days which are neither the chasing start nor a WRE, the Scottish 6 Days club block system will be used.

6 Days Club Block System

The four (4) hour start window is split into 6 forty-minute blocks, starting at 10.00, 10.40, 11.20, 12.00, 12.40 and 13.20. Every club will be allocated a different start block for each of the 6 days. Thus over the course of a week, competitors will experience the full range of start times, and members of each club will end up with reasonably close start times every day.

  • The organisers will try to give clubs from non-GB & Ireland countries the same pattern of start blocks for per country. Scandinavian clubs are likely to be split over two separate start block patterns
  • If you want your start times to be similar to members of a different club, please fill in the ‘club for start block’ field, and your start times will be allocated alongside that club
  • If two clubs would like to have the same start block pattern, please email the entry secretary . The entries secretary will try his best to accommodate.
  • Entries for competitors made on the same entry form will not be allocated together unless the club (or club for start block) is the same for each competitor
  • If you wish to start at a similar time to a friend, provided you give the same club/club for start block information – then your start times will be similar. There is no need to put in a special request. The entries secretary requests that you do not put in such a special request. It takes several days to read and process such special requests, for a result which will happen automatically.
  • For parents/guardians who request split start times, one of the parents will be allocated a time with the relevant club. The other parent will be given a start time approximately two hours earlier/later. The parent starting second will be allowed a punching start if they cannot make their allocated start time. Please use the special requests to nominate which parent should either start first or alongside their club (as preferred).
  • All helpers will be allocated a start time but allowed a punching start if they cannot make their allocated start time.
  • We will try and honour a special request. Please note that the most common special request is for an early start or very early start on the last day. There are only a limited number of such slots. If you have a particular plane or ferry to catch, please provide details.
  • We recognise that parents with young children sometimes wish to accompany them to the starts. We will provide information about distances/times to the starts once the planning is more advanced.

Punching System

SPORTident electronic punching will be used for the 6-Days with mixed SI punching. Competitors with a traditional SI card will dib in the ordinary way, but those orienteers that own or hire a SIAC will be able to use it contactlessly.

SI Card Hire

There will be a charge of £1 per day to hire an SI card. The charge for a lost SI card is £30. There will be a charge of £2.50 per day entered to hire an SIAC card. SIAC cards cannot be hired for an individual day. They must be hired for all the days that a competitor enters. The charge for a lost SIAC card will be £75.


Amendments which affect the course/class entered (and are within the same price band) may be made free of charge up to the event closing date. Other amendments, which do not affect the entry cost, class or start time, are free of charge at all times.

Cancellation Policy

In the case of curtailment or cancellation of the Strathearn 2019 event due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fees.

Competitors may only cancel their entry if the event itself has not been curtailed or cancelled. Cancellations of an entry before the closing date of 30 June 2019 will be given a full refund, less an administration charge. Cancellations between 1 and 12 July 2019 inclusive will be given a 50% refund less the administration charge. We regret that no refunds of entry fees will be possible after this date. The administration charge is 4.5% of the fee being refunded plus £2.10.

If you wish to cancel your entry, please email the entry secretary .

Risk and Safety

Competitors accept the hazards associated with participating in the event, and that they take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Please note that under the terms of the British Orienteering public liability insurance policy, non-members of British Orienteering are covered for public liability for three events only. After three events, non-members participate at their own risk. However many may already be covered by public liability cover from other insurance, such as their own national orienteering federation’s insurance cover.

Other than the organiser’s liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, Event Officials will not accept liability for any injury, accident, loss or damage to the competitor or their property that may arise before, during or after the event as a consequence of participation in the event.

Data protection

Both the Scottish 6 Days and our entry provider Fabian 4 take protection seriously. The Scottish 6 Days privacy statement is available here. Our entry provider’s privacy statement is available here.

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