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Live Video Streaming

and GPS Tracking

Last edited: 22nd Aug

The aim of the Livestream is to cover the breadth and depth of orienteering that we see every two years at the Scottish 6 Days. Therefore, the coverage will focus on different age classes each day. As well as the Livestream there will be GPS tracking available separately.

Please check if you have been selected to carry a tracker.

See below for the links to each days coverage.

Day 1 Auchingarrich

Livestream Selected Athletes M55L Tracking W55L Tracking

Day 2 Edinchip

Livestream Selected Athletes M18L Tracking W18L Tracking

Day 3 Dundurn & Cnoc a Mhadaidh

Livestream Selected Athletes M21E Tracking W21E Tracking

Day 4 Culteuchar & Dron

Livestream Selected Athletes M65L Tracking W65L Tracking

Day 5 Craig a Barns

Livestream Selected Athletes M21E Tracking W21E Tracking

Day 6 Grandtully

Livestream Selected Athletes M20L Tracking W20L Tracking

We will also have cameras at the finish to capture orienteers in other classes, and get thoughts from those who’ve just completed their course. Please be aware that anyone could be on camera, both at the finish and during their course! And be prepared to be interviewed after your run, especially if it looks like you’ve had a good one.

Those who start during the broadcast in the targeted classes may be asked to wear a GPS tracker and vest.

In the interests of fair play, we ask competitors not to watch the livestream or GPS tracking until they have completed their course. The feed will be available to watch again on demand after the competition finishes.

Each day, the broadcast will start at roughly 12 noon, apart from Day 5 at Craig a Barns, which will begin at 12:30. It can be streamed online via a link which we will provide ahead of time.

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