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Last edited: 14th Aug

Some great news featured on this page! For specific information on each days activity please refer to the details below...

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We have had a great response regarding photography of each day, view the selection on the page below:


Day 1 

Auchingarrich proved a tough and testing area for the first day of Strathearn 2019, as orienteers from around the world enjoyed challenging terrain on a day with sunshine and a light breeze. Read more...

Day 1 Overview

Day 2

Edinchip is a brand new area to orienteering and credit goes to Allan Downie  (Tayside Orienteers) and Terry O’Brien (Event Coordinator) for their exploratory efforts finding new terrain that was under everyone’s noses all the time.  Edinchip was technically less demanding than Auchingarrich, but instead offered a variety of different terrain types from sheep grazed moorland, birch forest, marsh, ancient oak woodland and more marsh! Read more...

Day 2 Overview

Day 2 Jury Decision

The Day 2 Organiser has received 4 protests about the decision to void the legs across the river. The Day Organiser and Controller decided that they did not agree with the protests and convened the jury who have now reached the following decision: Read more...

Day 2 Jury Decision

Day 3

Beautiful weather, a stunning race arena and some of the best orienteering terrain in Scotland.  Today’s event near St Fillans had it all, with the added attraction of a World Ranking Event Middle Distance race (and Middle Distance for us all which was a welcome relief after two tough days). Read more...

Day 3 Overview

Wednesday- Rest Day

Orienteers enjoyed a day of Munro bagging/golf/mountain biking/visiting distilleries/souvenir shopping/castles/Sprint Orienteering and Trail O (delete as appropriate).  For others it was a case of setting up for the next few days – expect a surprise with the Day 4 race arena. Read more...

Rest Day Overview

Day 4

Overview - Day 4 - Culteuchar and Dron

We promised a variety of terrain types and a few surprises.  Culteuchar & Dron was very different from the past few days and offered fast running over closely cropped grassland before descending into the woods.  And what a finish – who would believe 2,500 orienteers would end up in someone’s back garden? Read more...

Day 4 Overview

Day 5

Overview - Day 5 - Craig a Barns

Craig a Barns was the birthplace of Scottish orienteering and has seen many excellent events since 1962.  The map extract and control description from 1968 (extracted from a recent article at shows that we have made some progress in mapping since the year I started orienteering and it was great to see a top-level World Ranking Event won by two of our GB athletes who are Norway-bound for WOC 2019. Read More...

Day 5 Overview 


Day 6

Grandtully has previously been connected with canoeing the rapids but there was a new type of downhill race with the final day of Strathearn 2019 in close proximity to the river. For yet another day the weather held out and the Middle Distance race was a fantastic finale to what has been a hugely successful Scottish 6 Days. Read more...

Day 6 Overview 

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