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Some great news featured on this page! For specific information on each days activity please refer to the main pages on the website.

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30th March 2019:
Bulletin 1 World Ranking Events (Strathearn 2019 Scottish 6 Days)


The Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co Ltd is pleased to be staging two World Ranking Events (WRE) as part of the 22nd Scottish 6 Days event Strathearn 2019. A Middle Distance race will be held on Tuesday 30 July (Day 3) and Long Distance on Friday 2nd August (Day 5). We look forward to seeing you at these and other days of Strathearn 2019, including a Sprint Race on Wednesday 31 July.

The event provides excellent training opportunities for teams competing at WOC 2019 in Norway (12-17 August).

Day 3 Dundurn & Cnoc a'Mhadaidh - Click here for more information


Organisers & Contact Information

The overall Event Coordinator and Technical Director is Terry O’Brien of St Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow). Assistant Coordinator Colin Matheson from Scottish Orienteering is the prime point of contact Tel: +44781 4398145

National Orienteering Centre Glenmore Lodge

PH22 1QZ

The Middle Distance race is being organised by members of Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC) and Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club (BASOC). The organiser is Tyler Morrison (ESOC) and main planner Duncan Francis (BASOC). Controller David Esson (GRAMP). Rob Hickling is an IOF Event Adviser for the WRE.

The Long Distance race is being organised by Tayside Orienteers (TAY) and Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC). The organiser is Fiona Downie (TAY) and main planner Kevin Holliday (INVOC). Controller Trevor Hoey (FVO). Ted Finch is IOF Event Adviser for the WRE.


The Middle Distance race will be staged at Dundurn & Cnoc a’Mhadaidh, St Fillans 20 km west of Crieff and 50 km north of Stirling. The venue is approximately 75 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh Airport.

WGS coordinates: 56.387307,-4.112464 Ordnance Survey: NN696236

This race is co-located with Day 3 of Strathearn 2019. 

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