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String Course Registration

String course

String course

Last edited: 30th Mar

We are delighted to announce that there will be a String Course and Off String Course on all of the main 6 Days. However, there will not be a string course at the Sprint, but Macrosty Park has a fantastic kids play area which is highly rated on Trip Advisor.

Register closes Friday 12th July, please use Fabian 4 to register.

For insurance purposes, all String course participants must be registered. While it is possible to register children at the event, we would prefer if you would register your child in advance.

  • We would prefer that you register in advance, even if your child then decides not to take part
  • Registration is free
  • Please give details of any children who will be taking part in the String & off String courses using the online entries system for the event. Online registration will be possible until midnight on Friday 12th July 2019;
  • Please create a competitor profile for your child, and enter her or him for at least one day
  • A single registration covers entry to the string course for any day your child wishes to take part;
  • If your child is already entered for an age class or colour coded course in the main competition, they will have a race bib, and do not need to register separately for the String course;
  • Please use Fabian 4 if you can, as this saves time for us all;

If you have extra children on the day, it will still be possible to register at the String Course. It is only necessary to register once, and this covers entry to the String course for any or all days.

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