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The Tick Project

Last edited: 05th Jul

TickApp is a citizen science project run by SRUC and the University of Edinburgh that aims to estimate people’s risk of exposure to ticks in Scotland. We are attending orienteering events to compare the number of ticks collected using survey transects (scientific method) with the number of ticks reported by people after orienteering in the same area. These data will be used to get better measures of how often people encounter ticks whilst doing outdoor activities, and help map tick distribution in Scotland.

The TickApp project team will be attending the Scottish 6 days event at Strathearn, on day 1 (28th July) and day 3 (30th July), specifically Auchingarrich and Dundurn & Cnoc a'Mhadaidh. If you are participating in these events and you are aged eighteen years and over, or if you are a parent of a junior aged less than eighteen years participating at these events, we would be grateful if you would come to our tick tent after your course and report whether you/he/she found any ticks or not. We are interested in ticks on the human body or clothes – and finding no ticks is as useful as finding ticks! You can also report your data via our website. For more information about the project, please see our website or come to chat with us on the 28th and 30th July. If you often do outdoor activities in Scotland, you can also sign up to be a regular volunteer if you are interested. Your participation is needed! Thank you very much.


The Tick Project Team

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