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Details for the Wednesday (“rest day”) events to be held on 31st July.

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For those who don't want to "Rest" we have a range of activities to keep you occupied.

Macrosty ParkMacrosty ParkThe Wednesday Sprint race will be staged in and around Macrosty Park in Crieff. This Sprint race is part of next year's UKUL (Urban League). Perth & Kinross Council have this to say about the venue:

With a fine view across Strathearn and towards Ben Chonzie, situated within an exceptionally picturesque landscape, MacRosty Park has been an attraction for over 100 years.

Named after its benefactor, James MacRosty, the park boasts children's play areas, a Victorian bandstand, picnic areas, a café, easy-going walks and an impressive collection of conifer trees.

OCAD map sampleOCAD map sampleOCAD map sampleThe park is situated on the west side of Crieff, with a large car park at the foot of Milnab Street off of the A822.

The sprint race counts towards the UK Urban League


The traditional Sprint race for those with energy to burn, or TrailO for those wanting to test the brain and give the body a rest.

Key Information - The Sprint Race - Urban event part of the bto SOUL Series 2019


Strathearn 2019: Main Day Officials (Sprint)
Organising Club: Masterplan Adventure
Planner: Graham Gristwood (Masterplan Adventure)
Controller: Bill Stevenson (ESOC)
Organiser: Chris Smithard (Masterplan Adventure)


Venue: Macrosty Park and Crieff West
Macrosty Park: Grid Ref NN858223 Sat Nav: 56.379226,-3.850644
Crieff West: Grid Ref NN842178 Sat Nav: 56.338605,-3.874271

Parking: In and adjacent to the car park and playing fields, Turretbank Road, Crieff (PH7 4LJ).
Starts: Provisionally 10.30 am - 1.30 pm
In and adjacent to the car park and playing fields, Turretbank Road, Crieff (PH7 4LJ).
Planner: Graham Gristwood
Classes: Open - Men/Women, M/W40+, M/W55+, M/W65+, M/W75+, M/W16- & M/W12-

Entry on the day: Subject to map availability. £12 adults, £6 juniors/students.

Under 16s (born 2001 or later) - U16s are not allowed to run courses 1 and 2.

Map: 1:4000 or 1:3000, 2.5m contour interval. Survey 2018-19 G Gristwood. Printed on waterproof paper. Some courses have 2 maps printed back-to-back. See the table below.

Uncrossable features: It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules. There is a partial legend on the map.

Courses: Standard Urban League courses. See table below. Counts in the UK Urban League.

Control descriptions: Available loose at the start (printed on the maps too).

Winning time - 12-15 minutes.

Terrain: Mixture of runnable (but detailed) parkland with some steep slopes – very little asphalt.

Courses 1 and 2 will also use an urban area outside the park and will cross several roads.

Warm-up area: Anywhere in the playing fields adjacent to the parking.

Finish:  Adjacent to the parking and arena. Punching finish for all.

Download: All competitors must report to download whether completing the course or not.

Courses close: 14:15

Prizegiving: 14:00 in Bandstand. There are prizes for top 3 in every class, including hampers from Crieff Food Co.




In the park, participants will encounter steep banks, narrow bridges (with people travelling in the other direction), steps, bikes, dogs, other runners, the general public. There is a large playpark (including an area with a fountain), which may well be full of children playing – all courses will pass through this area so please be careful and courteous.

Participants leaving the park may run along the pavement – take care as traffic may be fast-moving.

Courses 1 and 2 – Will cross a number of roads (mostly slow-moving traffic), and will encounter a dangerous high cliff (the top of which will be taped with red and white tape).

Be aware that surfaces may be slippery if wet.

Everybody - Please be courteous and take care on narrow bridges, blind corners and narrow passageways.


Timing system: SPORTident. Touch-free enabled for SIAC cards.

Clothing: Shorts and vests permitted. Shoes with grip are recommended.

Course Class Map Scale Back to back Map Distance Optimal distance Controls Climb
1 Men Open (M18-M35) 1:4,000 Yes 2.9km 4.0km 18 90m
2 Women Open (W18-W35), Men Veteran (M40+) 1:4,000 No 2.6km 3.7km 15 90m
3 Men Super Veteran (M55+), Woman Veteran(W40+) 1:3,000 Yes 2.0km 2.8km 19 80m
4 Men Ultra Veteran(M65+), Woman Super Veteran (W55+) 1:3,000 Yes 2.0km 2.6km 20 60m
5 Woman Ultra Veteran (W65+), Woman Hyper Veteran (W75+), Men Hyper Veteran(M75+) 1:3,000 Yes 1.7km 2.2km 16 35m
6 Men Junior (M16-), Woman Junior (W16-) 1:3,000 Yes 2.0km 2.6km 17 70m
7 Men Young Junior (M12-), Woman Junior (W12-) 1:3,000   1.4km 1.5km 14 25m


There will be a TrailO event at Drummond Castle, 4 miles from Crieff. The Drummond Castle Gardens are considered amongst the finest in Scotland and well worth a visit, see The Castle is not open to the public.

Strathearn 2019: Main Day Officials
Planner – Roger Scrutton (ESOC)
Organiser – Anne Hickling (ESOC)
Controller – Rob Hickling (BASOC)

Venue & Directions: Drummond Castle estate

From Crieff: take the A822 south. After crossing the river follow the road for 2.5km, then turn right signed Drummond Castle to enter the estate. From the south, turn left off the A822 1.5km after the village of Muthill.

This is a narrow entrance, the width of the gateway is 2.4m. If your car/camper will not comfortably fit through you must use the alternative coach parking route into the estate. This is signed ‘Drummond Coach Parking’ (yellow signs) from the main entrance and Muthill.


Parking: From the main entrance, follow the estate road for about 2km, passing the castle and public car park, then turn left and park as directed. Parking is in a firm field. From the alternative entrance, follow the estate road for about 400m to the parking area on the right. Please drive with care; there may be pedestrians on the road.

Toilet Facilities are available in the public car park just before the event parking field. When approaching from the main entrance, you may stop here to use the facilities but event parking here is not permitted.

The Course:
The course will include both a short PreO (classic TrailO) and TempO (speed TrailO, all controls timed). Both courses will include ‘Z’ controls (where no kite is correct). Results from the two courses will be combined to find the overall winner. There will be prizes in senior, junior and para classes.


Registration and EOD will be in a tent near the entrance to the parking field. The course is in two parts, TempO followed by PreO. You will be given your TempO control card at registration. The control card for the PreO section will be issued at the PreO start.

Starts will be from 12.00 – 14.00. The start is located close to registration.


Mapping notes. 2011 map by Stirling Surveys, updated for TrailO by Rob Hickling, 2019. Scale

1:2500 for TempO, 1:5000 for PreO, contour interval 5m for both.

Course details:

TempO: 5 stations with 3 problems at each.
Competitors should remain at the ‘wait’ position until called forward.

As we have a large entry and want to minimise queuing times, we are using a recent innovation in TempO where the only possible answers to each problem are A or Z – is there a kite at the control position marked on the map, yes (A) or no (Z). There will be 6 kites at each station. This kind of problem should be quicker to solve than traditional TempO so the time limit at each station will be 20sec per problem, total time limit 60sec. A warning will be given at 50sec. Any problems not answered within the time limit will be deemed incorrect. The time penalty per incorrect answer is 20sec. The total score for the course is the sum of the times taken to answer all the problems at all stations, plus any penalties.

The total walking distance of the TempO course is approx 600m.
The route is mostly along an estate road where there may be occasional traffic. There is also a short section between stations along a quiet public road. This will be marshalled. Under-16s must be accompanied. Please take great care and follow signs.

Your control card will be collected at the TempO finish.


The PreO course starts at the finish of the TempO. Collect your PreO control card at the start. Timing on the PreO course will be manual (no SI cards required) and a pin punch provided at each control will be used to mark your card.

There will be 9 controls, course length 1.7k. The time limit is 78 minutes. The score for the course is the number of correct answers less any penalties for exceeding the time limit (1 point per 5 minutes, or part of 5 minutes, over the time limit).

After completing the course, return to the registration tent to hand in your control card. On your return, you must not discuss the course or show your map to any competitors still on the TempO course.


Tolerance for Z-controls is 3m. (This means that every Z position will be separated from any kites with the same control description by at least 3 metres.)

Combined scores for PreO and TempO. As is usual at the 6 Days the winner in each event receives 1 point, 2nd 2 points etc. In the event of a tie, average position scores will be used – if 4 people in the PreO have all controls correct, they will each score (1+2+3+4)/4 = 2.5. The scores for TempO and PreO will be added to find the overall winner.


Prizes. Prizes for the first three seniors and juniors will be presented at the 6 Day prizegiving on Day 6.


Start times:  

The main entrance gates open at 11.00. Please do not arrive before this time.

Exit via the main gate is not permitted. When leaving the event, exit west along the estate road for about 400m to meet a minor public road Turn right for Crieff and left for destinations south. Please drive slowly and be aware of competitors and oncoming traffic.

Start times will not be allocated. If you are not running in the sprint please arrive early to help spread the starts and avoid queuing at the TempO stations.

Entry fees:
Until final closing date: Seniors £8, Juniors £4

Entry on the day (EOD): Seniors £10, Juniors £4

(subject to map availability)


TrailO etiquette. Competing successfully in TrailO requires a high level of concentration in a quiet environment. If you are competing as a pair and want to discuss the problems, please do so quietly and out of the hearing range of other competitors.

The Drummond Castle Gardens are internationally regarded and well worth a visit. Last entry to the gardens is at 17.00. See for more information. If you choose to visit the gardens after the TrailO, please move your car from the event parking area to the main visitor car park.


More information on TrailO and Tips to Succeed:

For more information on TrailO, see
And some technical tips on TrailO, see
Technical Introduction to TrailO for experienced foot-orienteers
(Note that this document dates from 2010 and does not include any discussion of TempO)



We are grateful to the following for their assistance in staging this event:
Drummond Castle Estate - Michael Aldridge
Tayside Orienteers for use of their O-map of Drummond Castle

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