As you will be aware, This year’s event will be different from others and to kee numbers at each area down there will be two 3-Day events. Subject to final permissions the event will start at Ardchattan, a scenic open area on the northern shore of Loch Etive before moving to a new area and Middle Distance race at Inverlochy, directly beneath the north face of Ben Nevis.  Day 3 will take the Road to the Isles to Arisaig, with opportunities to continue the journey through Mallaig and out to Skye for a day trip.

After a well-earned rest day (or a chance to bag a Munro) the main programme will recommence at another great new area at Creag Dhubh, to the north of the River Spey near Newtonmore.  Everyone will get the chance to run there as it is also being used for the next day. The final day (Middle Distance) is on the National Nature Reserve at Creag Meagaidh, with outstanding views over the Ardverikie Estate, Loch Laggan and numerous Munros.

Event A

Ardchattan – Sunday 1st August (Day 1)

Inverlochy – Monday 2nd August (Day 2)

Creag Dhubh – Friday 6th August (Day 5)

Event B

Arisaig – Tuesday 3rd August (Day 3)

Creag Dhubh – Thursday 5th August (Day 4)

Creag Meagaidh – Saturday 7th August (Day 6)

Check your start times and read the final details before you travel as there can be no spectators!

Event Programme.pdf

General & Technical Information for All Days

Daily Updates
Will be posted on the website. SI entries e-mail will be used for urgent messages
Day Parking (P)
Please adhere strictly to one-way systems where in operation. See individual Day information for more details.
Event Services (ES)
Will contain a Help Point, Download (DL), First Aid, Toilets, Bib collection and Call Up (CU) area ONLY. There will be NO Assembly/Arena, Waste Disposal, Tents of any kind, Blank Maps display, Results Display, Changing facilities/clothing dump, Commentary, Traders or WiFi. Water will not be provided. Please come prepared e.g. bring any essential food/water.
No bins provided. Please take your rubbish away
Help Point (HP)
For essential enquiries only including
emergencies on the day, pre-booked hired dibber pick up, course 21 and 22 map pick up, lost children and M/W10-16 and colour coded certificates (1st, 2nd, 3rd) pickup.
Bib Collection
Race numbers (bibs) and SI Cards must be collected on the day of your first run. See separate instructions on Bib collection.
Start Procedures
See separate instructions on Start Procedure. Start times run from 10:00 until 14:00 each day. Competitors must stick to their pre-allocated Start times. This includes colour coded courses. Competitors should aim to be at the Call Up (CU) area in time to walk to their start. See individual day details for approximate walking times on each day. Allow an extra few minutes at CU and at the start and please avoid gathering. There will be no elite classes seeded start on Day 6.
We are sorry but no further entries or changes to entries can now be accepted
SI punching system will be used
All versions of SI card are accepted, including SI Air cards. It is essential that all competitors visit the download tent by course closing time (16:30) whether or not they have finished their course.
Control Codes
Will be displayed on the SI punch box only. Please ignore any other coding you may find at the control site.
Course 21 and 22 maps
To be collected from Help Point each day before heading to Pre-start. An adult should accompany each junior to oversee this. Hand sanitiser must be used before picking up map. Anyone waiting to collect their map should remain at a 1m distance from the collection point. NO COURSE 21 and 22 MAPS ON DISPLAY.
Finish and Download
Both the Finish and Download must be punched (not contactless). Competitors must move away quickly from finish and from download. Please don’t gather to discuss results.
Split times printed on download. Subject to availability of signal, live results will be updated on the website regularly during the day. Results will be posted on the event website asap at end of each day. Scores will be calculated for each group (A/B) using the S6D points system – best 2 out of 3.
String Course
For pre-entries only. Now closed. No entry on the day. String courses do not use SI.
“Rest Day” Events
There are no S6D “rest day” Sprint or Urban events. There will be a virtual quiz on Wednesday 4th Aug 19:15 for 19:30 start. See webpage for details on how to sign up.
Dogs are allowed in the car parks only on each day so long as kept on a lead. Pick up poop and take it away from event for proper disposal
There will be official photographers in the competition area including Poppycock Films who will be taking video footage for a daily video diary. If you have concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography please report it to an event official.

Bib Collection

  • Available for collection on your first day’s competition.
  • No bib, No go.
  • Bibs will be strung between posts, close to the help point in the event services area, in alphabetical order, according to the first letter of your family name
  • Adhere to 1m social distancing at all times when collecting bibs
  • Write medical/ contact information on the back (using template)
  • Bring own safety pins to attach bib to your clothing

Covid Guidance

The event follows Scottish Government’s Covid law and guidance. These are different from other UK administrations. Please check links to official Scottish Government Covid guidance and obey ALL guidelines. In particular;

  • You should not attend if you have covid symptoms or are self isolating.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used where provided (starts, toilets etc)
  • Maintain 1m social distance at all times outside your household group
  • Face masks required if circumstances do not allow for 1m distancing
  • Vulnerable people – please take extra precautions as appropriate to your condition

We are grateful to the landowners, farmers and local communities for allowing us to hold the event in current circumstances. Please respect the necessary low key nature of the event. Where possible avoid gathering in large groups at the event and in local communities.

Car sharing
Should be avoided unless essential. Cars can be shared with members in the same household (e.g. family or staying together)
Non-participating attendees
not allowed unless young children, ‘child minders’ or co-drivers. No spectators allowed.

General Health Information

are common in competition areas. Check carefully after each run and remove any found. Lyme disease occurs in the area; if you develop a rash at the site of the tick, you are advised to seek medical advice.
E-Coli O157
may be found where farm animals have been grazing. It is recommended you wash/ sanitise your hands thoroughly before eating
If the weather is hot, drink plenty fluids. Please bring your own water. Non provided on courses
In Emergency
dial 999
dial 111
Lorn & Islands Hospital, Oban, PA34 4HH, 01631 567 500
Belford Hospital, Fort William, PH33 6BS, 01631 567 500
Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, IV2 3UJ, 01463 704 000

Start Procedure

  • Enter the Call-Up Area (CU) in the Event Services (ES) area before you go to your start.
  • See Day Details for recommended time to walk to start from the CU for the average orienteer.
  • There will be a clock showing race time in the CU and Clear/ Check/ SIAC Battery Check/SIAC ON TEST.
  • Avoid going to CU substantially before the recommended times to start unless you know you will be slow.
  • Then proceed to your start. Entry to the Start boxes is at -5.
  • A PUNCHING START will be used which is not contactless. All competitors must punch.
  • Starts will have minimal manning and competitors will not be called up – You are responsible for entering start lanes at allocated start times.
  • Only talk to event officials if you are late or receiving a punching start.

Specific details about each day can be found by following the links below…

Key Officials

This year, the Central Organising Team is drawn from several clubs including Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC), Clydeside Orienteers (CLYDE), Loch Eck Orienteers (ECKO) and Tinto Orienteering Club (TINTO).

Richard Oxlade (Technical Coordinator), Ross Lilley (Day Coordinator), Margaret Dalgleish (Covid Coordinator) and Colin Matheson (Assistant Coordinator) will jointly act as Event Coordinator(s).

Location Map