Sunday 1st August 2021

Today is a long distance event

Ardchattan is the area of fast open moorland used for the last day of Oban 2011 and offers fine views over Loch Etive down to Connel Bridge and the Falls of Lora.

The attractive resort town of Oban is a short drive away, the usual departure point for ferries to Mull and other small islands.



A selection of images from the race area…

Image Caption: Looking towards the race arena in Ardchatten - credit Dave Peel

Image Caption: Typical terrain in Ardchatten - credit Dave Peel

Image Caption: Ardchatten from Airds Bay

Image Caption: Extract of the map from Ardchatten

Final Details

Important Information

Organising clubs
Max Carcas (INT)
Graham McIntyre & Mike Stewart (INT)
Brian Bullen (FVO), Ross Lilley (ECKO)
A82 & A828 to Barcaldine (37 miles) (GR NM959415). Turn left onto B845 to Inveresragan (4.5 miles). Turn right onto minor road to field entrance at Ardachy (2.5 miles) (GR NM954353)
Parking (P)
Large sloping field off minor road
Event Services (ES)
adjacent to parking. Call-up area at eastern edge.
White along farm tracks (allow 20 mins). Green/Blue/Red along tracks and open ground (allow 20 mins to Green and 30 mins to Blue/Red).
SS PG plot, survey by Peel Land Surveys (2020). 1:10000 for courses 1-11, 1:7500 for courses 12-22
Open moorland with moderate contour and rock detail.  Many unmapped smaller boulders and extensive marshy areas between hills.  Generally good runnability and limited line features.
String course
in rough field adjacent to finish
crag close to junior course marked by black/yellow tape. Cagoules may be mandatory if bad weather, whistles advised.
Courses may be changed if heavy rain
Junior courses
white tape used where routes are unclear

Course Details

2M21L M20L M35L W21E7.83101:10000Red
3M40L M45L7.93351:10000Red
4M18L M50L7.32801:10000Red
5M16A M55L W21L6.02951:10000Red
6M21S W18L W20L W35L6.33051:10000Blue
7M60L M20S M35S W40L W45L5.82551:10000Blue
8M65L M45S M40S W50L4.82201:10000Blue
9M50S M18S W16A W21S4.72301:10000Blue
10M70L W55L4.32101:10000Blue
11M55S W60L3.91951:10000Blue
12W18S W20S W35S Green4.12051:7500Green
13M75L M60S W65L W45S W40S3.71451:7500Green
14M65S W50S3.51451:7500Green
15M70S W70L W60S W55S3.01301:7500Green
16M80 M85 M90 M75S W80 W75L W70S W65S2.01051:7500Green
17W75S  W85 W901.5851:7500Green
18M14A M16B4.32001:7500Green
19W14A W16B Light Green3.41651:7500Green
20M12A M14B W12A W14B Orange2.91201:7500White
21M10A M12B W10A W12B Yellow1.8801:7500White
22M10B W10B White1.5651:7500White