Thursday 5th August 2021

Today is a long distance event

New to orienteering but first mapped two years ago as an area showing great potential.  The massive crags of Creag Dhubh just to the southwest of the area are legendary in mountaineering circles.

The area itself is on the southwest flanks of the hill in an open birch forest (Coille na Creige Duibhe) but longer courses will climb up onto the Cluny Estate and open moorland beyond the line of sight.  The town of Newtonmore is just a mile to the northeast.



A selection of images from the race area…

Image Caption: Extract of the map from Craig Dhubh

Image Caption: Cluny Estate and Creag Dhubh Credit Tom Baker Photography

Image Caption: Parking and Race Arena

Image Caption: Northern Terrain at Creag Dhubh

Final Details

Many thanks to the Wildcat Centre in Newtonmore for permission to use the images of their painted cats for the String Courses. There are around 100 cats dotted about Newtonmore (can you spot them?) and a 6 miles Wildcat orbital trail round the village. More information from the Wildcat Centre opposite the post office.

Please support the cafes and shops in Laggan, Newtonmore and Kingussie. They know about the event and will give you a warm welcome.

Important Information

Organising clubs
Terry O’Brien (STAG), Dave Coustick (FVO)
John Tullie & Eb Rooney (RR), Helen Rowlands (GRAMP)
Trevor Hoey (FVO), Tim Griffin (GRAMP)
A82 towards Inverness (10 miles) and then A86 towards Newtonmore (36 miles) before turning left into field (GR NN699979)
Parking (P)
Flat fields accessed from A86. No entry after 1230.
Event Services (ES)
Adjacent to parking (same field)
Along small faint paths (allow 15 mins)
LIDAR and photo plot by Stirling Surveys, survey by Stirling Surveys (2018), updated 2020. 1:10000 for courses 1-7, 1:7500 for courses 8-22
Rough open birch forest on fairly uniform slopes either side of a spur projecting from Creag Dhubh with longer courses out on rough open moorland.  Boulder fields and areas of scree.  Bracken areas are generally navigable.  Slow runnability for the majority.
adjacent to car parking field
Cagoules may be mandatory if bad weather, whistles advised. One or two Highland cows may be encountered and goats and adders may be in area. They will be more afraid of you – do not provoke if seen.
Junior courses
white tape will be used where routes are unclear
Special instructions
The World Ranking Event (WRE) on Day 5 will use the same area and non WRE competitors on Day 5 will use the same courses as Day 4. Please do not show Day 4 maps to Day 5 competitors and please do not share Day 4 maps on line until after 14:00 on Day 5. Day 4 courses will not be posted on routegadget until the end of Day 5.
are allowed in the Car Park field and there will be a dog-exercising area.    The land owner’s instructions are that you must PLEASE PICK UP AND TAKE AWAY YOUR DOG EXCREMENT.
No exit before 1300. Take care joining the A86.

Course Information

2M21E* M21L M20L M35L W21E*7.63601:10000Red
3M40L M45L7.13901:10000Red
4M18L M50L7.03151:10000Red
5M16A M55L W21L6.12751:10000Red
6M21S W18L W20L W35L5.82401:10000Blue
7M60L M20S M35S W40L W45L5.42301:10000Blue
8M65L M45S M40S W50L5.22251:7500Blue
9M50S M18S W16A W21S4.71901:7500Blue
10M70L W55L4.61801:7500Blue
11M55S W60L4.41751:7500Blue
12W18S W20S W35S Green4.21301:7500Green
13M75L M60S W65L W45S W40S3.81401:7500Green
14M65S W50S3.41251:7500Green
15M70S W70L W60S W55S2.81201:7500Green
16M80 M85 M90 M75S W80 W75L W70S W65S2.0751:7500Green
17W75S  W85 W901.7451:7500Green
18M14A M16B4.01451:7500Green
19W14A W16B Light Green2.71301:7500Green
20M12A M14B W12A W14B Orange2.6951:7500White
21M10A M12B W10A W12B Yellow2.4501:7500White
22M10B W10B White2.3351:7500White

* Non-WRE competitors only