Saturday 7th August 2021

Today is a middle distance event

The final day (Middle Distance) will be staged at the foot of Creag Meagaidh in the Aberarder “Forest”. The area is on the National Nature Reserve that rises from the shores of Loch Laggan up to the summit of Creag Meagaidh itself at 1130 metres. Meagaidh is a top winter climbing venue that has seen many epic struggles over the years. The area is predominantly open grassland and heath with a good measure of bogs and boulder fields and is in the most superb setting. There is easy access to the A9 for those heading away on the last day.



A selection of images from the race area…

Image Caption: The Race Arena for Day 6

Image Caption: Creag Meagaidh Walled enclosures at Aberarder Farm

Image Caption: Aberarder Forest and Creag Meagaidh

Image Caption: Parking and Race Area at Aberarder Farm

Final Details

As the area is remote and exposed, whistles are strongly advised and cagoules may be made compulsory on the day depending on the conditions. If this is the case then notices will be placed at the exits from the car parking and event services to the starts.

Important Information

Organising clubs
Michael Atkinson (ELO), Ewart Scott (ESOC)
Tyler Morrison (ESOC), Trina Rogerson (ELO)
Colin Eades (INT), Ewart Scott (ESOC)
A82 towards Inverness (10 miles) and then A86 towards Newtonmore (19 miles) before turning left into Creag Meagaidh Nature Reserve (GR NN483872)
Parking (P)
Small fields accessed from A86. No entry after 1230
Event Services (ES)
Adjacent to parking. Download, toilets, Help Point & First Aid on south side of parking. Call up on north west side of parking
White along good paths (allow 20 mins). Other starts (3.1 – 3.3 km from call up) then follow rough hill track (allow up to 45 mins depending on fitness)
LIDAR, survey by Peel Land Surveys (2020). 1:10000 for courses 1-5, 1:7500 for courses 6-22
Naturally regenerating areas of moorland with a mix of heather, bilberry and other montane species.  Tough going on lower slopes but better running on the higher areas.  Extensive marshy areas in places.  Rows of mainly southeast facing crags.
Courses 1-12 (Red/Blue starts at F1, Courses 13-19 (Green starts) finishes at F2, courses 20-22 (White start) finish at F3
Cagoules may be mandatory if bad weather, whistles advised. Longer courses include mandatory river crossing points.
Junior courses
white tape will be used where routes are unclear
No exit before 1300
Special Information
C12 starts at the Blue start on Day 6.

Course Information

Course Class Length Climb Scale Start
1 M21E 5.6 140 1:10000 Red
2 M21L M20L M35L W21E 4.3 120 1:10000 Red
3 M40L M45L 4.6 80 1:10000 Red
4 M18L M50L 4.1 95 1:10000 Red
5 M16A M55L W21L 3.8 95 1:10000 Red
6 M21S W18L W20L W35L 3.3 90 1:7500 Blue
7 M60L M20S M35S W40L W45L 2.8 90 1:7500 Blue
8 M65L M45S M40S W50L 3.0 70 1:7500 Blue
9 M50S M18S W16A W21S 2.6 55 1:7500 Blue
10 M70L W55L 2.6 50 1:7500 Blue
11 M55S W60L 2.5 55 1:7500 Blue
12 W18S W20S W35S Green 2.4 40 1:7500 Blue
13 M75L M60S W65L W45S W40S 1.9 50 1:7500 Green
14 M65S W50S 1.9 65 1:7500 Green
15 M70S W70L W60S W55S 1.6 30 1:7500 Green
16 M80 M85 M90 M75S W80 W75L W70S W65S 1.3 20 1:7500 Green
17 W75S  W85 W90 1.2 15 1:7500 Green
18 M14A M16B 2.1 110 1:7500 Green
19 W14A W16B Light Green 1.7 75 1:7500 Green
20 M12A M14B W12A W14B Orange 2.1 40 1:7500 White
21 M10A M12B W10A W12B Yellow 1.4 5 1:7500 White
22 M10B W10B White 1.3 5 1:7500 White