We will provide a choice of courses at various Technical Difficulties (TD) – Levels 1 – 5, where TD1 is the easiest and TD5 is the most difficult.

TD1: M/W10B, White colour-coded course
TD2: M/W10A, M/W12B, Yellow colour-coded course
TD3: M/W12A, M/W14B, Orange colour-coded course
TD4: M/W14A, M/W16B, Light Green colour-coded course
TD5: Green colour-coded course
TD5: All Other Courses

The following is an explanation of the colour-coded courses:


Technically easy with most controls on paths. Where paths don’t exist, a taped route may be necessary. Mainly used by 6-10-year-olds and family groups.


Uses linear features like paths, walls, and streams. Mainly used by under 12s and family groups.


Involves basic use of the compass and route choice. Ideal for competent youngsters or novice adults.

Light Green

Uses simple contour and point features. Ideal for improvers as the navigational difficulty begins to increase.


Very hard navigational difficulty. Mostly used by experienced under 18’s and adults wanting a short but challenging course.

Which classes at which start

CourseTDM ClassW ClassColour CodedStart
25M21L, M20L, M35LW21E (Course 2E on Day 6)Red
35M40L, M45LRed
45M18L, M50LRed
55M16A, M55LW21LRed
65M21SW18L, W20L, W35LBlue
75M60L, M20S, M35SW40L, W45LBlue
85M65L, M45S, M40SW50LBlue
95M50S, M18SW16A, W21SBlue
125W18S, W20S, W35SGreenGreen
135M75L, M60SW65L, W45S, W40SGreen
155M70SW70L, W60S, W55SGreen
165M85, M80, M75SW80, W75L, W70S, W65SGreen
175W75S, W85Green
184M14A, M16BGreen
194W14A, W16BLight GreenGreen
203M12A, M14BW12A, W14BOrangeWhite
212M10A, M12BW10A, W10BYellowWhite

Distances to starts

Information about the distances to the starts each day will be published nearer the event.

Elite Starts

For the M21E & W21E competitors, a Reversed Seeded Start shall be used on Day 6 at Creag Meagaidh.